Around 8 months back creative agency Dreamers Ink Aesthetics added some new work to their portfolio that really raised the bar. I’ve been checking in on them for the past 2 years and just finally saw some of this work at their site and was doubly impressed. You can see a spot for Nissan above and more at the DIA website.

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There is a new reel and some new work in the portfolio of Dreamers Ink Aesthetics. And it’s good stuff.

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Dreamers Ink Aesthetics is the art direction, design and typography of Mitchell Paone, an artist based out of Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been noticing a hell of a lot of fantastic designers coming out of Brooklyn lately. Dreamers Ink Aesthetics is rolling with the best of them, for sure.

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Dreamers Ink Aesthetics is one of those websites that just loads everything up front and kind of slams your compute with data. Be ready for it when you click the link. Also be ready for a lot of really great work created for the likes of Shilo and Brand New School. The work, which consists primarily of motion boards, comes from the mind of a talented designer by the name of Mitchel Paone who hails out of Brooklyn, NYC.

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