Workshop consists of two designers, Tom Pratt and Oliver Shaw, and one dog, Betty the beagle. They have some lovely typography and print work in their portfolio and look poised to be adding some even better work in the near future.

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British illustrator Ben Newman has some super fun and somewhat retro-inspired work in his portfolio. He also has an online shop of prints available including the excellent print above available at fairly reasonable (in British pounds) prices.

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Artworklove are a team of French and English art directors and designers whose approach is based on artistic experimentation and systematic design structure. It’s an approach that has led to some nice portfolio work.

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Sheffield based freelance illustrator Jonny Wan has some wonderful things in his Flickr-folio including some detailed dropcaps. It’s all very vector (and I love vector) but the typography in particular manages to maintain something rustic and contemporary.

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Maddison Graphic is a small design studio that was established in 2006 by brothers Edward and Alfie Maddison, and is based in Ely, Cambridgeshire. There is some strong, clean and classic branding work in their portfolio.

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Ben Javens grew up in Yorkshire and has wondered in the wilderness coming out the other side with a simple, human and accessible style or retro-influenced illustration heavy on the hand with plenty of heart.

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Recent Nottingham Trent University graduate Luke Elliott has some nice print and branding work already in his book. If someone hasn’t staffed him yet, I would recommend looking into picking up his talent if you have an opening in your agency or studio. He’s only going to get better with experience.

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New and totally awesome drawings from Iain Macarthur are now in his Behance-folio. Loving what he has done recently. It’s time to pick up the pencil again.

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Manchester based design studio Made By Shape emailed in a note that they had just launched their new website featuring some cleanly executed design work showcasing their solution-based approach to each individual project.

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Art Director and Photographer Martin Donnelly has updated his experimental playground Mezzetty once again with some new and beautiful work. He has kept with his signature style so far but his portrait work has become more personal, raw and engaging.

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East London-based design, illustration and motion graphics studio I Love Dust sent news of an updated website and portfolio today and it is spilling over with top-notch slick, sexy and stunning work. They are a longtime favorite of mine and a role model for where I hope to take my studio in the coming years. Keep on rocking guys. Fantastic.

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Design and branding agency Kutchibok Ltd has some sublime design work in their portfolio all of which is beautifully realized and highly considered.

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The Brighton Freak Show features the work of some of the South Coast’s most unique image makers and is a part of the Brighton Open House Festival. Exhibitors include Shan Jiang, Mega Munden, Luke Insect, Hello Marine, Imakethings and Steve Wilson amongst several others. The show opens April 30th from 7-9 PM and will run the length of the festival in May. The show takes place at St. Peter’s Church, York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU United Kingdom.

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Hellomatt is the work of Matt Howarth who was raised on the south coast of England. Matt currently works for the fantastic studio I Love Dust and has some excellent design and illustration work in his book.

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Iain Macarthur graduated in 2008 from Swindon College after completing a study in illustration and has since been filling his Behance-folio with some well crafted ‘collage’ pen, ink and graphite drawings. There is some great contrast happening within the drawings and there is a great balance between flat color and softer gradients. They are definitely fun to look at and I could imagine them being quite striking when hung on a wall in a group. The high school punk in me is still always a sucker for skulls.

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Leeds-based photographer Jon Stanley Austin has some beautifully composed images in his portfolio and has managed to gain commissions from some trendy clients.

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There is some highly considered design happening in the portfolio of Liverpool-based design studio Burn Everything. They leave few surfaces untouched within their multidisciplinary range of work that includes print, multimedia, interiors, environmental and exhibition design.

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Sculptor, Thom Puckey has been in the art game for a long time and his experience shows in his masterfully crafted and provocative sculptures. Sex, violence and an air of classical greek sculpture combine to create a lasting image etching it’s way into the viewers psyche. Powerful and inspiring work.

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