Matt Needle is a Cardiff-based Designer due to Graduate from University of Wales, Newport in summer 2009, with a BA(Hons) in Graphic Design. For not even having graduated yet, he already has some really adept work in his portfolio and is definitely one to keep an eye on (and hire of course). Thank you for the email Matt.

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There is really no rhyme or reason to the work of British artist Keith Tyson. His work reads like spillage from an everflowing stream of subconscious visions and memory. It is hard to believe that it all has anything to do with a single individual. All of it is interesting and thought provoking.

His website can be a little frustrating. Try using the quick nav at the bottom of the screen and be sure to click on the images of his work to see larger views.

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Some really impressive and wonderful illustrations in the portfolio of Adam Simpson.

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One of my all time favorite design studios, The Designers Republic, has offered a little flashing potential forecast of what could be a site update soon. Let’s hope so. It has been a very very very long time coming and I think all of us design junkies are have grown pretty weary of their current site. I have been a fan of their work going all the way back to college and I just cannot wait to see new work from them. I am always inspired by their work. Let’s hope a full update is coming soon.

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“Having more than four years experience as a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and web designer, I am available for creative projects for everything from editorial illustration to publishing, corporate and advertising illustration as well as print design, website design, html & css.”

And you can see his work at Don’t Wake Me Up.

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There is some top-notch work in the portfolio of Birmingham-based Z3 Design Studio.

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The ever talented Sam Gilbey has updated his body of work with some new material. Sam has been at it for a while and was active on Pixel Surgeon for a long time. I was very sad to see Pixel Surgeon go but I am just as happy to see Sam still working hard. He’s a nice guy and a hard worker. You can’t miss employing him as an illustrator.

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There is a strange trend emerging on the internet where a lot of bloggers don’t want to reveal their sources. I think this can be attributed to the spirit of business competition, as blogging is more and more becoming considered an actual small business venture. When things turn business, no one wants to advertise for the competition. I check numerous blogs everyday and use a lot of what I find to help me get the information I decide to put on my blog. I think most bloggers do. Of course I receive emails as well, but the best stuff happening out their is happening in the blogosphere, all bullshit aside. I am out there pounding the virtual pavement day and night for what I fill my blog with. Call it cherry-picking, I don’t really care. Some of my favorites include, Computer Love, FFFFound, Formfiftyfive and Aisle One. To me blogging is a new form of news broadcasting, and when things go out over the wire, we bloggers decide what we think is appropriate to broadcast for our audience. If you don’t like it or you think someone is doing it better, you can always change the channel. There is after all, a hell of a lot more of them to choose from now on the internet than the television.

I have discovered one recently though, that I just have to share and shout out loud. It is just so quirky and fun that I always end up finding something funny there that helps make my day a little more light. It’s called Made In England By Gentleman, and it is just always a pleasure to browse. So go there and enjoy it because I do, and you should share what makes you happy, not hide it.

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Humanstudio, AKA | Human, was Founded by Nick Bax in 2007. Human is a creative agency with extensive credentials and experience, consisting of a small core team based in Sheffield combined with a global network of over 20 talented people. Human is a full service studio capable of delivering original creative across the digital divide.

Prior to launching Human, Nick worked as a Director for over 14 years at noted design studio, The Designers Republic. Aside from his studio duties, Nick is also a visiting lecturer in design and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Art (FRSA).

If you would like to wear something human, you can visit their online store as well.

Discovered via Formfiftyfive.

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Paul, better known in the design industry and art world as ‘Insect’ served for several years as the creative force behind the London design collective, ‘Insect’. Paul was born in southeastern England. He studied graphic design for 4 years at Hastings and Salisbury art colleges. Since his design days he has gone on to work more individually and has recently launched his own website where you can finally get a look at some of what he has been up to lately. His images have graced the covers of creative magazines the world over and he recently created the cover for the last DJ Shadow album. He is one of the rare and strange birds spawned by the digital revolution. A strange computer working, screen printing, collage and painting kind of Franken-artist. You can see a little of each represented in much of his work. He also takes his work to the streets of London pasting up posters and writing the occasional tag. If you don’t spot his work there you can always find him exhibiting on the gallery circuit. I am sure many of you will recognize his work, it’s nice to finally see a collection of it in one place on the web.

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