London based designer and illustrator Owen Gildersleeve uses almost anything he can get his hands on to create his unique images and arrangements. Paper, cross-stitching, bis of wool, pine needles and fruit cake. He is a graduate  from The University of Brighton. He is part of the Evening Tweed design collective, and one half of the band Old Mayor, signed to Paradigms Recordings.

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I have written of Evening Tweed before but they have just updated their site and there are some new gems in their treasure chest. Evening Tweed is a design collective consisting of the very talented Jez Burrows, Owen Gildersleeve, Sarah King and Tom Rowe. I like all of their work but Tom Rowe’s work really jumps out at me for some reason. His album cover, pictured above, was created using a magnetic liquid called Ferro Fluid. It is really stunning work. I love black on black.

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There is a whole-lotta super radical typography going on at Evening Tweed. Tasty and delicious for the eyes indeed.

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