There is soem cool and eclectic work in the portfolio (or Tumblr blog rather) of the elusive Graphikh.

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The German illustrator and designer known only as DXTR has made some recent additions to his street-inspired portfolio including some new illustrations for Nike and K2 snowboarding. Look closely at the image above and see if you can spot the word ‘Nike’. It’s in there. Great visual.

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“For our Summer 2012 collection, we worked with British illustrator Adrian Johnson. We met up with Adrian at his studio in Lewes.

Over the years, Liverpool born Adrian Johnson has developed a unique and strongly identifiable body of work. His trademark economical, highly crafted, graphic work is constantly evolving, whilst always maintaining a healthy distance from current trends and passing fashions. Adrian’s work has already led to a prolific working career and a client list which includes Paul Smith, Adidas, Monocle, The New York Times and Unicef. He also has exhibited work in London, New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo. Attention to detail, humor and a simple timeless sophistication mark him out as one of the leading illustrators currently practicing.”

I don’t hide the fact that I am a big big fan of both Adrian Johnson and Stüssy.

The Stussy x Adrian Johnson collection is available now at: stus.se/KTyTLV

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Beautifully moody and slightly washed out photos of attractive people and cool locales are overflowing the Flickrstream banks of photographer William James Vincent Broadhurst.

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Pretty sure I blogged about Tee Shirt makers Any Forty somewhere back in the long mythical history of this here blog of lore. But anyway, I recently surfed my way back and was really impressed by some of the recent tees added to their collection. They are a little on the pricey (UK pound) side but might be worth it for hipness sake.

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The multi-disciplinary studio C100 Purple Haze (yes you read that correctly) has kept busy and sent a note about a recent update to their website that includes a flurry of new projects. It’s an interesting body of work that stretches from more fashion-orientated editorial work all the way through snow board graphics.

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Slot. K is a Taiwan talent whose work draws inspiration from fashion, the 70s and the ever-dramatic combination of Black and White. It all comes together in a memorable surf through the Flickr Photostream.

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Vanilla BCN is back again with more kick ass typographical works for clients like Nike. We love their tee shirt work. It’s air tight.

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Homage is a clothing company that specializes in retro sports wear. I know you have probably heard or seen of similar companies but the unique differentiator here is that Homage’s stuff is actually super cool. Most of the tees are very simply designed but absolutely do not stray from the retro aesthetic. I’ll probably spring for the tee above at some point.

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Who knew Intel had fashion shows?

Animation, Render, Composing by Danil Krivoruchko, Rostislav Magay

Sound by Konstantin Chubakov

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Danny McShane’s Flickr Photostream features subtle hues, muted tones, rainbow swept forests and shorelines complimented by very attractive young models. I would imagine capturing those photos was a very good time indeed.

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Ex-Firstborn designer Tim Jockel teamed up with Florian Sigl to bring you the world’s first holographic fashion show for fashion designer Stefan Eckert. The results are absolutely stunning.

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French photographer Matthieus Soudet is filling his amazing portfolio with dark, brooding and beautiful imagery both for himself and his clients.

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Sonia & Mark Whitesnow are a Russian photography duo based out of the small town of Kirov. They have some very unusual and surreal portraiture in their Behance portfolio that makes great use of both lighting and makeup.

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Osma is a young Finnish photographer based out of Helsinki working primarily in the fashion industry. He’s got a raw personal style that is a touch washed out and dreamy. He has some lovely images in his book and knows how to frame his subjects to maximize composition.

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Finnish Photographer Jonas Lundqvist has an immaculate portfolio of images captured primarily for the fashion industry. He’s comfortable with a range of lighting and an expert at staging his subjects for a powerful effect.

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Soundscreen Design is a collection of graphic t-shirts anchored by an interesting concept that asks the musicians themselves to create artwork for graphic tees promoting their band or just because. Surprisingly or rather not surprisingly (considering that musicians are artists) there are some pretty damn cool tees in their store. If you like the musicians responsible for their creation it serves as a bit of a double bonus.

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Therese+Joel is a Finnish/Swedish photography team known for their cinematic, evokative black and white photographs. Their work has gained a strong following lately and is attracting attention in the fashion world.


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