Tom Darracott is an independent designer and art director. After studying at Saint Martins where he earned an MA in Visual Communication he joined the design studio Village Green where he worked on a projects for several notable clients. In 2011 he took the plunge and went solo with a strong showing in his current portfolio.

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Camila do Rosário has a masterful hand when it comes to generating fashion-influenced watercolor and pencil illustrations. Her portraits exude a feminine sensibility in both image and technique that is complimented by the employment of a unique color palette. The clincher of course is that she also hails from one of the most beautiful cities in Brasil.

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Illustrator Ricardo Fumanal updates with some beautifully rendered new illustration work primarily for fashion based clients. His work is smooth as butter and stunning to behold which makes the application for fashion a perfect match.

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‘Dope’ is a word I just don’t use much anymore. Probably because I am too old to use it or using it just makes me feel old or actually using it has fallen out of fashion and I am behind because I am old but I digress. ‘Sick’ is a word I just can’t get behind. It sounds lame. How did ‘sick’ ever become associated with something cool? I mean the word sick just sounds, well kind of gross or you know sick. Anyway, you can take your pick, ‘dope’ or if you have to go there ‘sick’ and either one will work perfectly to describe the shit hot t-shirts that French street boutique brand Be Street has put together. Straight up dope. There I said it. Now I’ll get on with my crusty old ass.

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Brussels-based illustrator/artist Raphael Vicenzi AKA ‘My Dead Pony’ very recently updated his Behance-folio with some exceptional new images that include his signature fashion-influence with an added dose of hand drawn street-influenced lettering.

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DarkDaze is the Flickrfolio of photographer Kevin Mason. He is also the founder of and in-house photographer/tutor at Garage Studios. He has some brilliant fashion-based work in his portfolio.

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Tim Navis is a ‘simple dude’ who likes beautiful things and knows how to capture them through the lens of his camera. Sometimes his imagery hints at darker subtexts but there is definitely a beauty throughout his portfolio.

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Berlin based photographer Robert G Bartholot has a vivid unique style that is attracting big names in the Fashion industry.

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Illustration studio Kittozutto has updated both their website and their portfolio since we last dropped in. They have cornered their own little niche of soft airbrushed 80’s influenced illustration using a palette of bright colors. They are also running a much more active Flickrstream where you can keep tabs on the progress of the production of their unique illustrations. If you’d like to learn a little more about how they produce their imagery you can pick up on a little tutorial at Digital Arts.

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Psychedelic and slightly erotic photographer Neil Krug has updated with more tasty throwback images of sexy people doing strange things all wrapped up in a clean and simple website.

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Australian creative studio Moffitt Moffitt has added some new work to their portfolio with a definite influence from fashion and a strong minimal typographical aesthetic.

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I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of Mexican pop artist Ivan Crush’s work at first. It’s repetitive but deliberately so and I can’t quite make out if it’s serious or poking fun at itself. It feels very urban and fashion orientated but their is also a subversive layer of cynicism just under the surface. It takes a while for it to sink in but when it does the hook sets a little deeper.

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Ian Velichko is a Kiev based Fashion photographer with some beautifully composited images in his Flickrfolio. There is a searing psycho-sexual kind of thing happening in some of his images that screams trendy but likeable pop. In short, some of his photos are a helluva lot of fun to look at. Who can resist abs and magenta?

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Graphic Designer Jeremy Paul Beasley has launched a side project clothing company called Lincoln Supply Co. that is producing some excellent t-shirts that feature expertly crafted retro-inspired graphics.

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Yes the large pocket tee actually exists and you can own one by picking one up here. Just think of how much more stuff you can put in there like both your entire sketchbook and your pencils or even your entire iPod.

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Artist Sylvia Ji is the person behind the paintings of beautiful women sporting Día de los muertos makeup and she has recently updated her website with new work from 2010. You can click to view the work fullscreen which I highly recommend to take in the details of Ji’s beautifully detailed work.

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Daniel Kennedy spends his time taking pictures of celebrities and gorgeous models but sometimes wishes he’d been a designer after spending much time picking fonts for his latest website. Daniel, I would be happy to trad for a month if you’d like to just try on the shoes and see if they fit. I promise to keep my desk chair warm for you so long as you line up a really sexy shoot. Think ‘micro-bikini’.

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Valerie Chiang was born in Taiwan in 1992 and currently resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. Her interest in photography began by visiting and sharing through Flickr and has advanced as a full on passion for fashion and photography. It’s easy to see at such a young age how richly that passion will reward her in the future. It’s amazing how quickly her talent has matured and it’s hard to imagine just how good she will become in the future.

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