“Founded in 2005 by Architects Zoe Boira Coombes and F. David Boira, Commonwealth is an art and design studio based in New York City. Harnessing a new fluidity enabled by machine languages, Commonwealth’s interests are as material and emotional as they are technical. Deeply influenced by the artistic disciplines that naturally hover at the borders of design, Commonwealth’s works have been showcased in galleries in Europe, America and the Middle East, and their architectural and visual designs have been commissioned by culture-driven clients such as Issey Miyake and Warp Records. Working within the world of contemporary art and industrial furniture design, Commonwealth aims to produce work that embodies a sense of elegant desire through an engagement with both the newest of tools and the oldest of techniques.”

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“NCC works broadly across disciplines in creative direction, graphic, installation, film and motion. Since its establishment in the 90’s, it continues to develop by hand a raw, layered, collaged, and primal approach while expanding in scope and vision. The mission is always to remain experimental and diverse working closely with clients, curators, galleries and institutions on a broad range of specific print executions, billboards and other one-off projects. NCC has released three monographs/books: Neasden Control Centre (Die Gestalten Verlag, 2003); Smithfield Building (Rojo, 2006); and Lost Control (Die Gestalten Verlag, 2007). Both the 2003 and 2006 books have sold out. Other work includes editioned screenprints, zines and working with universitites / publishing houses on a broad range of exhibitions, public programme’s, installations, talks and workshops. NCC has exhibited widely including solo exhibitions across Europe and in Group Shows that include the Spank The Monkey exhibition at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art where NCC together with Banksy and David Shrigley were the three invited British artists. As well as regular commissions, NCC has attracted Arts Council of England and British Council support for its projects.”

Oh and yes, they have a brand new website to check out right here.

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I have been working to help promote the Toofy Film Festival this year because I think it is a good thing and helps forward the independent art and film community. Consequently they did a little interview with me this year that has been running locally (here in Denver and the Colorado area) on the Altitude network. You can watch it above.

Since I did a little work for them the boys at the Toofy Film Festival have teamed up with changethethought to provide you with a Toofy Film Festival pass for only $20 (a $30 value) and a portion of the proceeds actually go back to help support Changethethought. This pass will get you into all 6 Independent Film Showings plus the Toofy After-Party Fashion Show taking place on Saturday night.

I was personally really impressed by the festival last year and that is why I got involved this year. It’s a very laid back atmosphere and it is a really fun event to attend. Not to mention Boulder is beautiful this time of year and always a nice place to visit.

You can visit the Toofy Changethethought page for more information. This offer is ONLY available through this webpage and can be extended to your friends and family so be sure to forward this email to them.


Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14.

Toofy loves movies and he wants to share the finest independent flicks from around the world with you. The Toofy Film Festival is taking over the Boulder Theater on Saturday, September 13 and Sunday, September 14. After the film programs, stick around for the Toofy After-Party Fashion Show. To learn more about Toofy, please visit the Toofy website.


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Brazilian motion graphics artist and Director Cisma has released his surreal short film, “Handmade,” two years after making it. Cisma paid his dues at the notable Brazilian motion agency, Lobo.

Handmade is a “surrealistic short film that makes use of metaphors and unusual symbols to explain what one feels when one is in love.”

The film communicates primarily in metaphors and focuses on the relationship between a man and a woman. Color plays a key role as each scene is set by a hue that propels the drama as the story unfolds. The movie is comprised of surreal visuals that burrow their way into your subconscious. The effects are expertly executed and it is an accomplished work for a green filmmaker.

You can watch and download “Handmade” at the official move website.

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