Beautifully moody and slightly washed out photos of attractive people and cool locales are overflowing the Flickrstream banks of photographer William James Vincent Broadhurst.

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There are some quiet and contemplative moments happening in the Flickrstream of ‘Shtroxy‘. They are like little snippets from past memories or dreams. Some of them are light and some are dark. She has a great eye for composition and I would be curious is these are staged or just captured on the fly.

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Chris Thornley is from somewhere in the UK called Darwen. He has a truly diverse talent that shines through via kinetic illustrations accomplished through numerous techniques. There are so many tasty images in his Flickrstream it was difficult to pick just one to show here.

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Who Stole My Bike is the illustration work of a Halifax, Nova Scotia-based artist who also runs a small apparel company called The Quarrelsome Yeti. He’s got some tasty doodles and full on excellent detailed illustrations in his Flickrfolio.

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I’ve lately been super active on Flickr and have become a bit of an addict about updating as frequently as I can. It’s given me a new reason to create and I have enjoyed the engagement and conversation that comes immediately through using Flickr. I noticed recently after sending a few emails back and forth that Michael Cina had been loading all kinds of good things into his Flickr account including some excellent new artwork for a Ghostly Records release. I’ve been a fan of Cina’s work for a long long time now stretching all the way back to the late 90s. So it’s great to still see him doing such inspiring work. I know he’s a busy guy having just started a new business and having his first child. I know that because I did precisely the same thing in the last 12 months and it’s a lot to take on. Keep up the great work Mike.

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We have been getting pretty crazy about updating our studio Flickrfolio lately. In the past 2-3 weeks we’ve posted a grip of new work on almost a daily basis. I have personally been working on several new ongoing self-initiated illustration projects just to stretch my legs a little. I’ve been diving deep into psychedelic art lately and some of the work definitely reflects that. So keep an eye out because we are using Flickr as our place to just dump whatever it is we might be up to for the hell of it.

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Portuguese design studio Alva sent a note that they have recently updated their Flickr folio with a lot of new print work. It’s colorful, bright and sometimes strange in the way that has made me a big fan of what they do.

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Words are scarce when it comes to digging up information about photographer Platonov Pavel but what does exist are some fabulous (and I use that word oh-so-sparingly) images in his Flickrfolio. I can’t be sure how he is creating all of said images but one thing is for sure, they are fabulous indeed.

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Gloria is a photographer and it seems she might be a young photographer but I can’t quite tell. She emailed no details about herself and there isn’t much of anything about her in her Flickrfolio but she does take some absolutely lovely photos.

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Bandito Design Co posted a few new retro-inspired posters in his Flickr-folio that make great use of color. There is a series of postcards to that are also very very nice. I’m not sure if prints will be available for purchase but I could see some folks being interested if they were.

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Teodoru is an extremely creative individual cranking out all kinds of interesting art, my favorite of which has to be his wonderfully bizarre characters that look like they are being developed in 3D.

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It took a while but I finally got around to updating our studio Flickrfolio with a whole lotta work from the past 4-5 years. We still have a lot more to add but it’s fairly up to date with some illustrations we’ve been working on for various art shows happening this next month. You can peep our efforts here at the official Changethethought Flickr stream. We’ve been trying to up our illustration skills to some extent in hopes of procuring more illustration commissions. Hopefully there’s something in our folio that you dig and if you don’t, that’s o.k. too.

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Photographer Cody Cobb has a way of capturing natural surroundings at their most sublime to such an extent that some of his imagery almost feels more ‘surreal’ than ‘real’.

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‘Take Care’ is the typographical and experimental illustration work of a Moscow based designer. There is some fun stuff happening in his Flickr pages including a lot of interesting experimental typography that is well worth checking out.

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I am not sure if it’s Jon Estwards or if this photographer’s real name is Jon Edwards which perhaps he might want to alter for obvious reasons but regardless, his work speaks for itself. It’s dark, grainy and sometimes disturbing but it’s also artistic, surreal and beautiful in it’s own way. There is a healthy portfolio of images in his Flickr pages and some of them you have to look twice at before you realize exactly what it is you are seeing.

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Missy Prince may not be consciously trying to ‘document America’ but the photographers keen eye has captured some truly wonderful images of just such a place. You can view the quiet, contemplative, sepia-toned Americana in Prince’s Flickr-folio and learn more about the photographers approach in an interview with Transcript Magazine.

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Brooklyn based graphic designer/illustrator Damien Correll has had his work posted on this blog before but I don’t know if his Flickr-folio has ever been posted. It needs to be because it is updated much more frequently than his website and features some colorful, accessible and beautiful design and print work. I am a big fan of the above poster for a Nike’s All for One exhibition using a great color palette.

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Photographer Lucia Holm graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Rhode Island School of Design in 2004 and continued her studies earning a Master of Fine Arts Degree from New York Academy of Art in 2006. She has some stylish and sexy photographs in her Flickr folio and you can see a few larger images at her personal website.

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