You just have to hand it to Network Osaka, he just keeps giving you a reasons like this to stay tuned in to his particular channel in the Flickr Photostream.

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“Hello there, I’m Ashley. This is the part where I try to explain myself, but none of it really applies in real life. This should sum it up – I’m an “indie-rock-loving, thrift-store-prowling, home-made-T-shirt-wearing, blue-hair-dying misfit girl who thinks life is a 60s movie” -Whip It (Shauna Cross).

I have a thing for over-exposure. I love the city Austin.”

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Although you could say the name ‘Tnacir’ is a little questionable, it’s hard not to like the combination of contemporary art nudes with patterns using a warm muted color palette.  You can see them in the Tnacir Flickrfolio. I wish I knew more about this artist but I guess the work speaks for itself.

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Graphic designer Michael Paukner has an interesting body of work on display through his Flickr photostream. What’s particularly interesting about his work is how he approaches each layout as an editorial piece communicating bits of factual and spiritual information. Not only is the work interesting to look at you also learn something new and fascinating through each piece. And he is lucky enough to call Vienna, Austria his home. How nice.

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I am sure for the die-hard creative blog circuit tourists Andy Gilmore needs no introduction but I stumbled across his Flickrfolio today and noticed he had several new things in his book for 2010. As always, all of the latest examples are a study in color and geometry resulting in pure modern art eye candy. If I could share a little secret with you, and in absolutely no way, shape or form am I belittling Andy’s work (especially because I am a big fan and frequently check back at his website to see what is new) but his images make for the coolest wallpaper tiles and iPhone wallpapers. They have been adorning my scree for well over a year now and I never tire of looking at them.

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Joe Andreas’ colorful abstract collages are just plain fun to look at and would probably make for some great conversation if hung on a wall in a set. You can see them in his Flickr-folio.

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Surreal imagery fills the Flickr-folio of photographer Fenk. The images of what appear to be people who’s heads are exploding into light or glitter are my personal favorites.

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Baltimore native and current resident Eric Paltell has some fun, lyrical and surreal photographs in his Flickr-folio. I absolutely love the series of what appears to be nighttime snow photos on the first page of his portfolio. The resulting compositions and the light reflection on the snow flakes are just amazing.

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Spanish designer Fernando Suárez Carballo has a real love for graphic design and has consequently gathered some of his favorite examples from various agencies and designers in his Flickr pages. It’s a large archive and it’s brimming over with inspiration.

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There is a nice cache of inspirational randomness including old adverts, movie posters, book covers and general strangeness in the Flickr pages of Junkyard Dogs. All of which is inspirational for the visually and creatively inclined.

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I have written about Brazilian artist Douglas Bicicleta before but a recent visit to his Flickr-folio yielded a discovery of some stunning new work. The album cover above for Black Drawing Chalks’ Life Is A Big Holiday For Us is a particular standout.

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Beautiful and contemplative images are slipping through Goran Jovanovic’s photostream.

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Marlena Shores has some unique and beautiful images running throughout her Photostream.

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Andreas Köberle AKA Eskimo Blood has some interesting 3D experiments happening throughout his Flickr-folio. There is some nice use of color happening.

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Wow. There are some really spectacular pictures in the portfolio of young photographer Lyndsay Buchanan. She has an amazing eye for color and form. Beautiful.

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Succession has generated some complex gif art and I have absolutely no idea how it was created. It would be nice to know more about him/her as well.

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I am not quite sure what to call MOTHERFVCKER/Plastics Fantastics, but the work speaks for itself as fashion-inspired photography and illustration melt into a tasty concoction.

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There is some beautiful work in the Flickr-folio of Spanish illustrator/artist Lagolo who seems comfortable seamlessly moving from pen and paper to digital.

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