Gifted is a space for us to work with selected artists, designers and illustrators on creative product ideas. We’re currently working on the full site, but really wanted to get everyone that’s going to be involved next year together and create our first joint project.”

This looks very promising. There are some very smart people involved with this and I would imagine you could count on seeing some great prints come out of this project in the coming year.

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The great guys at Form Fifty Five recently caught up with Barcelona based typography wizard Alex Trochut after this year’s OFFF event to talk candidly about life and design. It’s an insightful and fun little interview.

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Ryan Thompson has launched a new website with a clean and cracking body of graphic design work. Thompson is also a contributor to one of my favorite design blogs (and probably the best designed design blog) FormFiftyFive.

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Luke Bamford has some really attractive graphic design in his portfolio.

Discovered at Formfiftyfive 

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