“After being a foreigner in different countries, mainly Montreal and The Nederlands, Frédérique Daubal is now biking in Paris. Coming from a graphic design background, she works as a freelance creative for small and big clients worlwide. she also experiments with textile as a 3 dimensional medium, or creates products under her name, without following any trends but using lots of second hand pieces since the beginning in 2001. Personnal art work or collaborations with people and magazines mostly for experimental ideas, installation or exhibitions.”

I can’t really take a stab at describing Frédérique Daubal’s work and that’s why I just pasted in some of the about copy from her site. All I can say is that it is unusual and very intriguing. I am not entirely sure what to file it under and I like that.

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French fashionista illustrator Coco has updated her website with more glamorous examples of her unique style. Coco has been at it for a while and has continued to stay at the top of her game with a hand-crafted fashion first positioning that is now often imitated.

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Artworklove are a team of French and English art directors and designers whose approach is based on artistic experimentation and systematic design structure. It’s an approach that has led to some nice portfolio work.

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Numéro 10 Studio is a french creative production studio that definitely has a point of view. I am not sure exactly where they intend to direct that point of view but they are definitely producing some interesting imagery and leaning toward a particular style.

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Paris-born designer Alexandre Nacache received a diploma from Créapole with honors, and has since become an Art Director at Euro RSCG. He has some nice design work in his book and still freelances from time to time.

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A Day in Paris is a short film by Benoît MILLOT that composites some amazing 3D over live action. It’s a fun little film and the amount of work required to create such a seamless effect on behalf of Millot must have been intensely draining. You have to admire his commitment to craft.

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French illustrator Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte has been extremely busy and has continued to update her unusual portfolio with even more colorful and imaginative works. I am becoming a big fan of her particular style of illustration and the ‘weirder’ she gets the better her portfolio is. Some of her recent works are nothing short of stunning.

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Lowpop is the work of Lille based french graphic designer and art director Baptiste Ringot. He claims to be ‘highly sensitive’ and proclaims that, ‘i never work with clients or money makers, always with human beings, collaborating to get the best of their idea, or purposing them mine.’ I like that.

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French École Supérieure d’Arts Appliqués de Bourgogne graduate Florian Chevillard labors under the aptly chosen name ‘Buroloco‘ which goes far in describing not only his approach but his body of work.

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Salutpublic got in touch to let us know about having launched a new website. They have some very highly considered work for both editorial and webs in their portfolio.

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French photographer Stéphane Fugier primary focus is nudes and yet his imagination within that one simple confine pushes boundaries by intertwining his subjects with symbolism and environment.

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Yann AKA Blind Salida has updated with some fun and colorful new vector illustration work. There is some really nice contrast happening in some of the pieces between soft gradiation and simple line work.

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I am just going to go out on a limb here and say that after watching this showreel I am pretty sure there are some incredibly talented people working for Digital District.

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“Xavier Encinas is an Art Director and Graphic Designer living and working in Paris, France.
He is the Design Director of Under The Influence (French Fashion Magazine) and The Lab (Canadian Culture Magazine). He is also the founder and editor of Swiss Legacy (Graphic Design blog)”

Xavier recently relaunched his site and made some big updates to his portfolio. There is some top notch design work happening throughout and any designer is guaranteed to find some inspiration happening within.

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There are some strange new goings on in the portfolio of French photographer Julien Palast. He normally captures trendy imagery of cosmetics and products but some strange and interesting more human endeavors have recently been cropping up in his Behance portfolio.

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Quirky French studio Akatre has been very busy updating with several new and original works in their portfolio. Akatre was founded by Julien Dhivert and Sebastien Riveron and continues to evolve with experimental and original work. They are definitely a studio to watch as it’s impossible to forecast exactly what they will do next.

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The French motion graphics designer who calls himself Gkaster has updated his reel and website with some new examples of his craft. It’s bright, flashy, techy and sexy.

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Hey Ho is a Paris based design studio founded 2007 by Julien Hourcade and Thomas Petitjean. They have some exceptional work for print, editorial and branding in their new yet already mature portfolio. It appears as though someone in their office works sitting at a ping pong table. Maybe that is the secret in their sauce.

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