Naked Company redefines psychedelia with a Tron-like twist in the form of concert visuals for musician David Guetta.

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French photographer Adeline Mai is still in her very early twenties and already capturing some gorgeous fashion and sometimes surreal dreamlike imagery that is well beyond her years. Personally, I am a huge fan of her underwater series. One can only imagine all the places she will go with such talent.

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Here is what the newly launched French clothing brand La Painthouse has to say for itself:
“Each line of clothing is based on 3 ingredients:
-A basic theme (for this first season, our inspiration was the crisis as a result of an inefficient monetary system).
-A critical interpretation or artistic vision of that theme
-The use of a high quality cotton and print for an edgy top-notch end result.”

Beyond that what you need to know is that the shirts have been designed by the likes of Evil Design, Jean Spezial, Jon Burgerman, Nate Williams and Shin Tanaka. They aren’t cheap to purchase but they are definitely some well designed tees.

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Paris-based photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes has nothing really to say about himself at his website. That really makes no difference however because after a long, strange and fantastic scroll of remarkable conceptual imagery you know everything about him that you need to know.

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French art duo Petra Mrzyk & Jean-François Moriceau live in Chatillon, Indre where they work on generating some fascinating graphic illustrations 365 days a year. Their commitment to art has lead them to exhibit around the world.

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Fail-ure is a new brand that has been launched by the Serial Cut creative team. The collection consists primarily of tees, sweatshirts and tanks. There is no Spring, Summer or Winter collection because they have no idea where you live. Once a year a new collection will be released for your wearing pleasure.

As could be expected from the minds behind Serial Cut, the website is slick and imagery of the collection is striking and artfully composed. The collection itself is also highly considered and would make a bold statement in anyone’s wardrobe.

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Hellofreaks is a Graphic Design Studio based in Paris, France. They are led by graphic designer/illustrator Jerome Castro. They have a style all their own and some really fun character illustration in their portfolio.

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French design studio PNTS has updated with both a new website and added several new works to their collective portfolio.

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Monsieur Qui is a French illustrator who loves cats, dogs, working with his hands, listening to big brass bands and pasting posters up in the streets of Pari. I am loving some of his hand drawn illustration work on shoes, guitars, skateboards and munnies.

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Remed is originally from France but has traveled as a street artist and spent a little time on the ugly but urban art acclaimed streets of São Paulo. He has a touch of Picasso in him and is versed in several styles and mediums. You can peep his inspiring exploits in his Flickr-folio.

A little from the artist in his words:
:I discovered the art of painting in an atelier of my city, Lille, in 1995. I have worked at home for a wide, exploring various techniques on any kind of supports. After this i wanted to cross over the limit imposed by the frame. So, I ve started to interact on my environment pasting stickers, then painting my ideas, messages or “witnesses” over Lille..s walls, with the consciousness of the context my “traces” will evoluate in. On the other side of this work, i ve kept on working on canvas, always mixing text and visual, i interpret or create icons that take sens beside letters and words. That’s how i compose the canvas, as long as the ideas are being drawn, they have in them, the seed of the ones that will follow. I make rimes with colors, shapes and sounds in order to express a feeling, or the evolution of a thought…always tending to evasion, infinity, or rebirth.”

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Paris based photographer Ruben Brulat is only 21 years old and picked up a camera only 2 years ago. It became his passion almost overnight and he has not put down the camera since he first picked it up. His work is about capturing humanity and he is “fascinated by places where the beauty of human beings has gone”.  I think these ideas are most evident in his series entitled ‘Primates’. The human form is almost lost within the natural landscape but when it is discovered it appears frail and childlike cradled by the serene yet harsh alien landscape. The imagery is extremely contemplative and it would be a thing to behold at a large scale in a gallery setting. Considering his young age, Brulat is someone to watch because he is a remarkable talent who will no doubt continue to grow.

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I was recently asked by Computer Arts to collaborate with NIARK 1 on a project for a recently released issue. I have been crunched for time lately with everything going on and wasn’t able to do it. I knew all about the French illustrator/artist/designer but I guess I didn’t realize until seeing a recent addition to his Behance-folio how talented of a painter he is. It’s a unique thing to be able to generate your imagery fluidly across digital and analog mediums and he is fully capable of doing it in style.

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French director and graphic designer Vincent Viriot sent word that he recently updated his website with new and fresh work.

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French designer Jonathan Budenz has some wild and crazy work in his portfolio. I can’t profess to liking all of it but some of it is just nuts (in a good way).

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Nicolas Tavitian is a Paris-based illustrator who uses a variety of media to accomplish his desired images. He has some nice fashion-inspired work in his portfolio.

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There are some new and as always good projects in the ever-inspiring portfolio of Ill Studio.

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Toulouse-born (France) and now London-based ATMA has some very interesting collage work in his artistic portfolio. Great use of color.

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‘R’ is for French Art Director and Graphic Designer Romain Albertini.

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