I have seen the work of German photographer Martin Klimas some time back but have not visited his site in a very long time. Since my last visit he has updated with some amazing new image series. Klimas is currently represented by the Foley Gallery in New York and he can be commissioned for commercial work through Bransch.

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Billy & Hells have amassed a stunning body of portrait photography. Each image has been meticulously composed and portrays a unique personality from each subject. Sprinkled within the portraits are a few landscape shots that are equally wonderful and as much as I loved the portraits, I felt the landscape shots were high art.

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German photographer Bettina Lauck has captured several muted, contemplative and sometimes serene images that have the power to stay with you long after viewing.

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Ctrl C is the work of Leipzig-based graphic designer Fiorian Lamm. He has an impressive body of print work including some fantastic posters popping with color while utilizing a classic Swiss approach to typography.

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The work of 25-year-old German illustrator Valentin Fischer will no doubt remind you of the work of James Jean and Sam Weber but that doesn’t take away from the fact that it is still very well executed. Regardless of the influence, I am still a big fan of this style and with the amount of talent required to achieve it Fischer definitely has some potential to make some beautiful work.

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There is some fun, trendy, poppy and psychedelic illustration work happening in the German Behance-folio of The Zonders. It’s candy but I really dig some of it. Sugar tastes good.

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Nuremberg-based Artist ‘Gerhard Mayer draws with ink on paper and on walls. His lines are controlled, precise, and technicaly exact.’ The precision required to execute his pen and ink works is impressive and his collage work requires an equal amount of attention. Impressive and beautiful imagery is the result of his labor.

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German graphic designer Maike Hamacher has some unusual but amazing work in her portfolio. She is currently based in Berlin but values travel as she has it listed in her resume (that’s nice to see). The folding of the printed piece above is so complicated that there is a Youtube video explaining how it works. It’s a beautifully accomplished work of print however, and a real testament to her thinking. Maike asked me to note that the project was completed while working at Onlab and it was developed together with Nicolas Bourquin and Thibaud Tisso.

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German designer Simon Becker has an enormous portfolio of work, and there are some gems within to be mined through a little browsing.

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German-based illustrator and KDU member Magomed Dovjenko has updated his website with his typically wild and colorful mind-bending vector-to-Photoshop mashup imagery.

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Interesting work for print by Berlin-based William Davis.

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C100 Purple Haze is a small multidisciplinary design studio based in Munich. They emailed today to let me know they launched a new website. I posted their website to the last version of my blog but somehow never managed to post them to the current version. They have a really impressive body of just flat out rock solid graphic design work.

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There are some insanely detailed drawings in the Behance-folio of the wild and wicked minded Berlin-based Saddo.

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Germany-based Illustrator, Julia Guther has a unique and likable style that has landed her work for various publishers, magazine, newspapers and agencies around the globe although her work is primarily focused in Berlin and Hamburg.

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Illustrator/Designer Mattias Voss is based in Münster, Germanyand I am loving his USM Modular Furniture Prototype pictured above.

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Onlab is a design firm and co-founder of Etc Publications, a platform for independent publishing based in Berlin.

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Berlin-based illustrator Mathis Rekowski has come a long way in terms of the development of his style. He has some really interesting work in his portfolio that is well worth a browse. Also, be sure to check out his Flickr-folio for more up-to-date work.

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I can’t tell you much about artist Simon Schubert because his website is in German. What I can tell you however, is that his work is some of the more interesting artwork I have come across in some time. Looking through it is a brain-melting experience. I only wish I could see it in person to obtain the full effect.

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