There is some nice typographical work happening at Double Standards.

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Philipp Zurmoehle has some nice work in his book.

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There is some really impressive motion work in the newly launched portfolio of Hamburg-based We Are Flink.

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Graphic/Product Designer Rahel Ritchie has some nice work in his portfolio but a particular standout is a hoodie that features an inflatable hood to cushion your head like a pillow while you are on a plane or traveling in a bus. What a fantastically simple yet brilliant idea. I could really use one of those. I wonder if they have actually been produced and where you could buy one. I want one now.

Discovered via FFF.

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Photographer Simon Hoegsberg’s newest project is really stunning. The project is titled, ‘We’re All Gonna Die – 100 Meters of Existence‘. The image is 100 meters long and comprised of 178 people shot over the course of 20 days all from the same location on a railroad bridge in Warschauer Strasse, Berlin.

The end result is beautiful and an intense study on individuality and mortality. Its a brilliant idea and a beautifully executed.

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I had to copy this direct from the source because Sarah Illenberger and her wild and wonderful work are no easy thing to put your finger on.

“Defining one category for all the work of Sarah Illenberger is no easy task. The forms the visual translations of her themes assume are far too diverse. What initially sounds quite abstract, in reality, is mostly practical in that her creations are not generated on a computer but rather by meticulous handwork, sometimes incorporating the most mundane materials. A story about love-sickness is visualised through an embroidered design. Variously coloured tablets are used to compose portraits for a magazine. And in Sarah’s hands, beauty products are given new life by being transformed into tourist landmarks. Whatever she creates, it is done with a humorous touch and a great love for detail. Each assignment leads to a unique work of art, sometimes visually enhancing the content of a feature, sometimes to be considered a work in its own right. In her Berlin studio, Sarah Illenberger develops concepts for editorial as well as commercial clients. She mostly works alone, but occasionally teams up with a photographer.”

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Updated work posted by the very young and self-taught German designer/illustrator Alexander Otto A.K.A. Diftnorm.

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Great graphic design work from Katrin Schacke.

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Via Grafik has been around for some time and was no doubt an early influence on a lot of aspiring designers. They recently put up a new site along with an online storefront.

Here is a little more about Via Grafik:
“Via Grafik is both a graphic design studio and an art collective based in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Working in the fields of graphic design, motion design, art direction and illustration, we are interested in developing design solutions at a unique visual level. Our aim hereby is to provide the best suitable design for the specific content of each individual project, whether it be large or small.”

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I must be honest and confess that I cannot read most of what is going on at Von B and C but what I can see are some absolutely fantastic examples of informational graphics.

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There is some good stuff in the portfolio of Profil.

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There is some stellar work in the portfolio of Desres.

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A Nice Idea Every Day is Vivien Weyrauch and Fabian Röttger.

We mainly direct videos and take photographs.

Our work is inspired by pretty much everything, mostly bad tv shows, video games, goulash and ponies.

We are interested in new ideas and visual styles.

We live and work together in Dortmund, Germany.”

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I believe I may have written about him before but German artist and illustrator Mario Wagner creates some really interesting photo collages that have landed him on the pages of Juxtapoz.

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Highly composed images with striking colors in the portfolio of photographer Bjoern Giesbrecht.

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Dovjenko is based out of Cologne, Germany. He is young, self-taught and amazing.

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Fun stuff in the portfolio of oh-so-young (20 yrs old) Phillipp Schilling from Plauen, Germany. I love that album cover.

This one goes out to all the triangle-haters out there (with love).

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“Radim Malinic, prides himself on his artistic sensibility, passion for details, innovative resutls, pushing the boundaries. His work has been described as imaginative, sophisticated, sensual and sexy. While his goal is to fulfill the needs of his client, he creates contemporary visions that are a complex montage of layered photographic, colorful elements, hand drawn renders.”

Bright vivid crazy wild ass colors. I dig it.

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