I am just really blown away today by the poster art of Emek. All of it is rich, amazingly conceived and incredibly rendered. It’s hard to think of one person outputting such an amazing body of poster art all by themselves. Truly inspiring. This is definitely ‘poster art’.

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I just managed to somehow stumble upon Poster Cabaret this morning and was absolutely amazed at the treasure trove of great design and just beautifully composed posters ranging from art prints to gig posters within their vault. There is so much there I would like to take home that it will be tough to make up my mind. I will definitely be checking back to see what they stock in the future. Good way to decorate your home.

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Minneapolis gig poster heroes, Aesthetic Apparatus was commissioned by Jack White to create some posters for his latest music project, The Dead Weather. The end result was yellow, black and sexy. You can pick them up at 40 bucks a pop in the Aesthetic Apparatus online store. You can lean more about The Dead Weather here.

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Young Monster is an art collective based out of Chattanooga, TN, specializing in design and screen-printing.” They have some red hot gig posters in their portfolio. Pure bad ass.

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Scott Campbell has an expansive portfolio chalk full of excellent gig-posters. There is some really great use of typography happening in some of his work.

Thank you to my good friend Allen for turning me onto all of the great poster makers out there.

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There is some really great use of typography in the gig posters designed by Chicago-based Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher of Sonnenzimmer. They are very different from the normal gig-poster fare and it’s nice to see a departure from that scene (although I do love me some good ole old school crazy drawn gig-posters).

Via FFF.

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Seatle-based Sasha Barr has some really nice screen printed poster work in his portfolio at This Is The New Year. All of the posters possess a really loving touch and he isn’t afraid to experiment with different styles which is great.

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Holy crap. I discovered Chicago-based, Delicious Design League today while dropping in on Yewknee and was really blown away. They have created some phenomenal poster work, some of which is just downright beautiful. They made me want to start up a screen printing shop immediately. You can buy them too. It might be time to finally start a gig poster collection.

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The first volume of what I can only assume will be the first of several Gig Posters Coloring book has been released and is available for an incredibly reasonable 10 bucks. Can’t beat that with a stick.

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