Who out there knew that Blu had published a book with Studiocromie of their mind-boggling drawings that was hand printed and signed by the artist. And why wasn’t I told before they were sold out. Damn.

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Artist Max Berry likes to keep things nice and flat.

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Australian artist Daniel O’Toole has a background in graffiti but has been making his way into the fine art world since 2006.

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The Mac is a graffiti artist who has been working since the mid 90’s and has exhibited around the world with his work gracing the cover of numerous publications.

I was lucky enough to score one of his Obama posters from the Manifest Hope exhibit in Denver last year. I didn’t realize he had a website until today.

Via Design You Trust.

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The infamous 123 Klan have updated with a brand new shiny website.

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WK Interact now has a website featuring all of his amazing efforts. He may have had one before but I never knew until now. Either way, it is worth taking a look through. When I was in NYC a few weeks back I saw a lot of his work all over the city.

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Amazing graffiti work from big-time graff artist Trans 1. Awesome work. I love looking through black book sketches.

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There are some clever new shirts available in the online storefront of the infamous 123 Klan.

True words on the shirt show above.

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This has been circulating like a wildfire all over the net lately so it wouldn’t surprise me if you have heard already, but the infamous street artist Banksy has been busy coating the 9th ward of New Orleans with his signature brand of street art to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina in a way only he could. Once again all of the work is provocative and even more so when you consider that the art isn’t hanging on some gallery wall, it is right there on the street where the floods occurred and people died. The word is he is now on a tour of the south as his work has lately appeared in Alabama. You have to respect him for continuing the force people to think and confront the issues we deny that continue to erode our society. He is a man of the times and he has earned his place in art history for a reason.

As Hurricane Gustav once again pounds New Orleans today and fears are rising that loosened ships may puncture the levies, his work seems all the more timely.

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I was happy to discover some really great work from 123 Klan at their Behance page. Honestly, it is also a much easier way to view their work than at their home website. While you are digging through their work you might as well stop by and pick up a t-shirt from them as well. I was crushed that the Die Hipsters Die t-shirt was sold out through size small. Damn.

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Peeta is a graffiti artist from Venice, Italy who started out in 1993. He is member of the EAD crew in Padova, Italy, and is also a part of the FX and RWK crew in NYC.

His work goes beyond the canvas into sculpture but the really interesting thing about his canvas work is his ability to visualize the letterforms dimensionally. He enhances this with shadows and splatters and the end result is really original.

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Mosk is the impressive portfolio of Maciej Mizer, a graphic artist, 3D illustrator, graffiti writing, photographer based in Lodz, Poland. Yeah, I couldn’t believe one person could do all of that either but he does it in style. His work is highly digital in what I would call the Polish style that has been surfacing as of late. His work doesn’t stop there however, he also has some great analog work in the form of sketches and graffiti that really showcase his versatility as an artist. It’s a nice counterpoint to his digital work.

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