HAFF 2012 opening titles from Kinetic Pixel on Vimeo.

created the titles for the second year in a row for the Helsinki African Film Festival. This year’s effort centered around 3 concepts directly related to the festival. Those concepts were the screening of a movie. a festival club or African party and African masks.

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Osma is a young Finnish photographer based out of Helsinki working primarily in the fashion industry. He’s got a raw personal style that is a touch washed out and dreamy. He has some lovely images in his book and knows how to frame his subjects to maximize composition.

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Soft, subtle and introspective photographs fill the portfolio of Finnish photographer Helen Korpak. Images that will illicit a brief pause.

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Finnish multi-disciplinary studio Kokoro & Moi has relaunched with a new site and several new projects to browse. The studio was founded in 2001 by designers Teemu Suviala and Antti Hinkula and is based in Helsinki, Finland.

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Finnish designer Johannes Ekholm presents his portfolio in a super simple no BS kind of way and in a simple no BS kind of way he is a very good graphic designer and art director. He’s represented by Pekka Finland.

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Finnish illustrator Jesse Auersalo informed us that he has updated his portfolio with new examples of his dark, moody, sexy, soft and silky imagery. Although I love his works in black and white, I was immediately drawn to the single illustration rendered in color.

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There is some gorgeous branding and print work in the portfolio of Lotta Nieminen who studied at both the University of Art and Design Helsinki and The Rhode Island School of Design. That is quite a background and it shows in the work.

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Finnish illustrator Antti Uotila has been busy lately and wrote in to let us know he has updated with both a new website and new neon colored collage-style work.

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Helsinki-based freelancing illustrator and graphic designer Janine Rewell sent an email to let us know she updated her portfolio with some tasty new work.

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There is some really attractive design and typography to be found in the recently updated portfolio of Helsinki-based Graphic Designer, Chris Bolton.

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Finnish illustrator Antti Uotila sent me an email letting me know they had updated with new work. It’s all very interesting and stylistic recalling 60’s hand drawn album art.

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There is some trendy and stylistic work in the portfolio of Helsinki, Finland-based graphic designer/artist Antti Uotila. The piece above is one of the few graphic design pieces at the site, but collectively there is something pretty uniquely strange going on across the body of work.

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