I’ve been a fan of Hey Studio since I first laid eyes on their work. I usually am not a big fan of email newsletters, probably because so many are sent to me but I always look forward to theirs. They recently updated their website and for the fans of minimal and classic graphic design with just a hint of colorful latin flair it does not disappoint.

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Barcelona-based Hey Studio have updated yet again with more simple and inspiring design work. They are adding on one project at a time to their portfolio, but each project is worth noting in it’s own right. ‘Hey’ is really churning out some clean and beautiful graphic design.

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Hey Studio emailed this morning to tell me about a new project they just completed for Intermón Oxfam:

“The aim was to renew the image of Oxfam 
and create an emotional link between the association and its young target.
To create a more visual language, the letters are converted into illustrations, which increases the signification of words and create a own graphical personality, direct and reinvidicative. Titles are reduced to one single word to communicate quicker and more directly. The all identity is based on one single black colour printed on different colour papers, to facilitate the production and lower costs.”

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Hey Studio has made a tiny update with a couple new bits of work. I am really really loving the work they are producing. Even a tiny addition to their portfolio is worth noting.

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Really really nice print work in the portfolio of Barcelona-based Hey Studio. I would give my right arm to live and work as a designer in Barcelona.

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