Australian design firm SouthSouthWest has some strong identity work in their portfolio that display a meticulous attention to detail that no doubt stems from a strict focus on the outcome of the print process. Press check people.

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I wrote about Value and Service a very long time ago and was recently turned onto their amazing body of design work once again. It’s had to say enough good things about their highly considered, simply composed and elegant body of contemporary design work. You can spend a fair amount of time clicking just about every single link in their portfolio and discover one good example of design after another. I am not sure if they have recently updated and I am not sure it matters. Their work is worth a second browse regardless.

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Norwegian design studio Mission Design has a clean and considered body of work that serves up a nice little shot of inspiration.

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Stockholm-based design agency, ClapClap have some very nice design and identity work in their collective portfolio. There is some nice use of color happening throughout.

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Studio Von Birken has updated with a new website and work.

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I discovered this morning that Graphical House has a blog. It’s a good way to keep up on their great work.

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My friend Rob A.K.A. ‘Lifterbaron‘, who used to live in Denver but now calls Minneapolis home, has updated with a new website. It’s great to see some new work in his book and I am still sorely missing him and his wonderful Mrs. here at home. Come back home Rob.

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Avant is a multidisciplinary design studio based in Buenos Aires. They have some rock solid branding and identity work in their portfolio.

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I have seen Tony Hung’s work in the past and posted it to the previous version of this blog but he has recently updated with a new website and some really exceptional new design work. All of the work is beautifully photographed and the use of color in his work is really stunning.

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Not sure if the piece above is new or not (but I really liked it), regardless Sawdust has updated with some really nice work.

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Pentagram Marks

Since its conception I was waiting for the day I could place my order for Pentagram Marks. Today is that day – Order: placed.

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Peter and Paul is a creative communications practice…

“We are passionate about what we do, about design, and how we communicate and connect with people. We plan, design and implement knowing that people react emotionally, instinctively and individually.

Commercial experience and strategic insight underpin all our creative thinking. We find what’s unique about our clients or their products and bring it to life, making it visible, dynamic, inspiring and meaningful.”

Some really interesting projects in their portfolio.

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Nice work at the Style Station.

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There is some really attractive identity work in the portfolio of Philippe Archontakis. You can view his work at his website and/or keep tabs on him at his blog.

Yes, it’s official. Everyone has a blog.

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