Ill Studio has launched a new and in many ways even more strange and eccentric portfolio of work. They have noted that they’d like to make a bit of a departure from their older works and move toward the new direction they have taken.

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Paris based multidisciplinary design platform Ill-Studio has updated their website with several new works for clients like Uniqlo and Nike. They have continued doing some excellent and clean work that suggests a stylistic approach but changes according to the solution desired for the project and the client.

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There are some new and as always good projects in the ever-inspiring portfolio of Ill Studio.

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There are some really great updates in the portfolio of Ill Studio.

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In conjunction with French collective ill-Studio, Scion is currently presenting The Art of Music show at the Installation LA Gallery. The exhibition opened on September 6. The show celebrates the intertwining of art and music and the symbiotic relationship they often share. In my opinion, music is art. It is all one thing to me. But anyway.

The Art of Music brings together 15 international artists to exhibit their varying visual interpretations of music.

You can see a preview of works in The Art of Music now and learn more about the exhibit at www.scion.com/space

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Ill Studio is a very talented group of individuals comprised of Léonard Vernhet, Thomas Subreville, Nicolas Malinowsky, Thierry Audurand, Sébastien Michelini, Pierre Dixsaut, Harold Urcun, Artus de Lavilléon, David Luraschi and Fred Mortagne. The French group collaborates on projects together combining their strengths in graphic design, photography, typography, illustration, video and motion design. The studio offers an environment where the member’s complementary influences converge where they can share influences and work collectively or individually.

I was pretty excited about how much completely random awesomeness is in their collective portfolio. Click on every single button to view every single page because all of their work is cool. Cool is the proper word here too.

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