Creative Mornings Portland is a very well executed ongoing video series featuring some excellent interviews and insight into some rare creative talents. This episode features none other than the working class hero designer Aaron Draplin. Enjoy.

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Jim Coudal of Coudal Partners was interviewed at Design Glut and had some really inspiring things to say about putting yourself first as your number one client. Of course this has to be prefaced with an ability to accept risk and generate good ideas, but Coudal says you shouldn’t wait. Get out there and shake it up. He offers up some really inspiring anecdotes about his road to success and there is definitely some fuel in the interview to help stoke the entrepreneureal fires for those with a passion for creativity. It definitely made me want to take a closer look at what I am doing and get off my butt.

Discovered via The Denver Egotist.

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“Kyle Blue discusses his work as the Design Director of Dwell Magazine, how lessons learned about living and working in modern spaces have influenced the organization of the Dwell offices, and what it takes to have a thriving magazine in the current publishing industry. Kyle is also a reporter for the Arkitip Intel.”

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Digup TV is an ongoing documented review of digital design featuring some big names from the business. There are already some good interview up.

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“Original artwork from Los Angeles artist Steven Harrington is featured in the third installment of the Curated by Arkitip series. Influenced by Time-Life Encyclopedias 1965-1972, thrift stores and the 60s pysch sounds of The Moody Blues, his art might be termed ‘contextual objectivism’. That is, each piece is created as a tangible object symbiotically defined of a larger context.”

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Pretty Cool People recently did an interview with designer/illustrator/artist extraordinaire Kustaa Saksi, whom I have long been a fan of. He does actually seem like a really cool person as well holding true to the ‘pretty cool people’ name.

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You the Designer has rounded up what they are considering the 25 must read interviews of 2008. I am always a little skeptical of lists claiming to be the ‘best’ or exclaiming they are a ‘must read’ but there are some really good interviews here for sure. It’s just always tough making those overarching claims in our business because everything is completely subjective. With a list that long though there is bound to be something informative and inspiring to suit just about anyone’s creative taste.

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