Brasileiro designer and illustrator João Oliveira (Onrepeat) is a young talent whom I’ve followed a few years now. Enough so that he knows I am a sucker enough for his work that I will post it just as soon as he has made a major update which he does more often than most. So once again, he has been in touch and updated his poppy, colorful and fun portfolio with new imagery. This time there is some 3d incorporated which breathes new life into his work. As always, it’s a lot of sugary eye candy that is sure to give the brain a little rush.

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Portuguese designer illustrator João Oliveira has updated his site once again with several glowing electro-pop examples of illustration, design, collage and typography. It’s always a fun browse through João’s portfolio.

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Portuguese digital designer and illustrator João Oliveira got in touch to let us know that he has just updated with a new site and a load of new electrified imagery.

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Portuguese (sorry I thought he was Brazilian but João corrected me) graphic designer João Oliveira sent an email today letting us know he has updated his portfolio with some new work. Some people don’t dig the more densely layered and colorful digital work, but I think he is one of the best at what he does and I have always been a big fan of his work.

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Joao Oliveira appears to have updated with some newer work since I last dropped in on his portfolio. I really like his work.

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