This is the official music video for Kanye West and Jay Z’s recent single ‘No Church in the Wild’. And I gotta say it, despite all the backlash Kanye just keeps putting stuff out there that is impossible not to pay attention to.

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Here is the latest from the man everyone loves to hate Kanye West for the single ‘Coldest Winter’. It’s a slick video which is to be expected, and I am going to let you finish watching it but I just want to say that Beyonce has one of the greatest videos of all time.

Artist: Kanye West
Song: Coldest Winter
Director: NABIL
Label: Island/ Def jam
Producer: Kathleen Heffernan
DP: Josh Reis
Editor: DJ Sing
CG post: Baked FX lead artist: Kyle Belko
After Effects: Gustavo & Clara
Production Co: Partizan

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