Illustration studio Kittozutto has updated both their website and their portfolio since we last dropped in. They have cornered their own little niche of soft airbrushed 80’s influenced illustration using a palette of bright colors. They are also running a much more active Flickrstream where you can keep tabs on the progress of the production of their unique illustrations. If you’d like to learn a little more about how they produce their imagery you can pick up on a little tutorial at Digital Arts.

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Some really really stunning new work at the Kittozutto blog. The attention to detail is mind-numbing.

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There have been a few updates at Kittozutto since I last posted about their absolutely amazing work. You can also purchase a poster of the above type treatment. Their imagery is just flat out surreal and sincerely inspiring.

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Kittozutto is a new art and design boutique that believes in the beauty of dreams. We combine fine art illustrations with digital imaging techniques, often resulting in highly-detailed artworks, which look best in large format.”

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