I have written about graphic designer Klas Ernflo before and there is always excellent work in his portfolio worth looking into. I didn’t realize however that he is also a very talented photographer and you can bear witness to that fact by visiting his Flickr-folio where he stores his image exploits. What a multidimensional talent.

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It has been a while since the brilliant and ironically rejected typographic book covers of Klas Ernflo hit the blogwaves but there has since been some updates in the Ernflo portfolio. You can also see even more work at Flickr.

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Not a lot I can tell you about Klas Ernflo because his ‘about’ section lists a phone number and nothing else. I can’t really even figure out if his name is Klas Herbert or Klas Ernflo. His rejected book covers offer up some beautifully simple iconic typography that was too good not to share. He also has all manner of interesting things happening at his Flickr account.

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