Illustrator Kristina Collantes has made some big updates to her portfolio since I last dropped in and her work has taken a leap. She keeps refining her skills and broadening her range while keeping her whimisical style. I am enjoying some of her recent work very much.

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Illustrator Kristina Collantes has been written about on this blog several times but damn it all if she doesn’t just keep updating with such cool illustration work. She keeps growing and expanding her style and she very recently added a psychedelic Fantastic Planet inspired set of candy colored images that are exceptionally fun to look at. I had to let you know about them because I love them and would love to hang the whole set in my studio.

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Kristina Collantes updates with a new website and a lot of new and different work. Her new material is a bit of a departure from what she has previously created.

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Artist/illustrator Kristina Collantes has updated her site with new work. I really like her whimsical style. It’s easy on the eyes.

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