Carl Burgess has released an updated website and portfolio of his work under the name More Soon. It is sublimely strange with some real moments of genuine brilliance in his work. Pick through and be click happy because behind each thumbnail is a treasure trove of divine strangeness. Yes indeed. Very strange.

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“Combining influences from abstract expressionism, British landscape painting, Japanese woodcuts, and graphic street art, Ashcroft integrates varied visual styles to generate a crossover between space, object and environment.”

There is something almost ‘comic book’ about some of London based Phil Ashcroft’s work and although it is in a sense abstract expressionism there is a deliberate pop flair about it and I like that. Abstract comic pop-expressionism.

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London based photographer Spencer Murphy has just updated his website and it is full of so many amazingly beautiful images it was virtually impossible to choose only one for a blog post. This enormously talented photographer is currently accepting commissions and lecturing on photography at University College Falmouth.

He has contributed to several publications, including The Guardian Weekend, The Sunday Telegraph – Seven Magazine, The New Statesman, Rolling Stone Magazine, GQ and Dazed and Confused, Wired and Monocle. He has exhibited throughout Europe and North America and was named as one of the Hyeres Festival’s emerging photographers of 2008.  He was included in the National Portrait Gallery Photographic Portrait Prize (now Taylor Wessing) exhibition in 2006, 2008 and 2009. His work has since been acquired for the NPG’s Pemanent Collection.

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London based graphic design duo Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton who labor under the name Sawdust have recently updated with some new project work including a new poster for independent music artist Angel-A.

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ODD was founded in 2002 by Nick Stickland and Simon Glover and has offices in Clerkenwell, London. They have just relaunched their website and stocked it with a stunning body of work. The presentation of the website itself is top notch and immediately jumps the viewer into their spectacular portfolio.

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London-based stylist Chisan has worked with numerous talented people to help yield some arresting imagery of very attractive people.

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The Church of London, the creative agency behind Little White Lies and HUCK magazines has updated with a new website and a comprehensive update to their portfolio. As good as their publications are, it should come as no surprise that they have some great work in their portfolio.

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Socio Design just emailed that they have posted new work in their updated website and it looks stunning. Socio Design is a London-based design consultancy specializing in graphic design, web design, art direction and branding. Their new site is clean and smooth and also stocked with equally clean and smooth portfolio work. Top notch all around. I was very pleased to get the email this morning. It sparked my inspiration for the day.

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Other Scenes is the work of psychedelic illustrator and designer Michael Willis. He is also one half of Panther Club, a newly formed multi-disciplinary studio founded in 2009 with artist and illustrator Lindsey Gooden.

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Gautier Deblonde grew up in France but moved to London to work as a photographer. He photographed the creation and installation into the Millennium Dome of Ron Mueck‘s Sculpture “Boy”. The series won a World Press award and was published (Boy, Anthony D’Offay Gallery, 2001) as a accompaniment Mueck‘s 2001 Venice Biennale exhibition.

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Swiss-born but now London-based Daniel Baer has updated his studio website with a few new and striking design projects. I am not sure if the wedding invitations shown above are one of the recent projects but they are one of my favorite pieces in his portfolio.

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I would love to take a walk through the Shoreditch studio of ‘object’ artist Tithi Kutchamuch. She rethinks objects and their purpose and is interested in giving consumers a pause to consider what it is they are engaging with and why. There is a lot of thought put into each of her projects and each must be considered for the purpose it fulfills and how the viewer/user/consumer interacts with it. She is a bit of what you might call a ‘design engineer’. To gain a little insight into her approach, there is a nice little interview here.

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London-based photographer Owen Silverwood doesn’t really have much of anything to say about himself at his website. He chooses to let his work do the talking and the work consists of some very unusual still life photography encompassing an even more unusual range of subject matter.

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This little video by Tapebox, a London-based animation duo comprised of Dan Hayhurst (audio) and Reuben Sutherland (visual) kind of tripped me out. I love the throwback reference to the zoetrope. I had to make one of those in college. Cool work indeed.

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Twstedlogic is the graphic design work of Ben Lee who was born in Brighton and currently resides in London. “He has worked with numerous clients including BBC, Nickelodeon, IHF, Wells&more, Pret and The Newburgh Quarter. Ben is a founding member of KeepItVisual a Vj&motion project, and is a Music producer under the alias TheOuterMostRegion and Depth.”

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It was only a couple of months ago that I mentioned illustrator Ricardo Fumanal but he has been busy since. His already smooth fashion-related/inspired drawing work continues to get even silkier (great adjective that’s so rarely called for). Fumanal was ‘born in Huesca in 1984 and moved to London after cultivating his youthful spirit in Barcelona and Madrid’. Damn that sounds cool doesn’t it? I was born in Nebraska and cultivated my spirit (whatever the hell that means) in Denver, Colorado. It just doesn’t have the same ring to it does it? I spent a week in Barcelona and a couple of days in London a few months ago, and all I can think about is going back (any projects in London/Barcelona anyone?). Fumanal’s coolness translates into his work as it is expertly executed and manifested with a sensitivity to craft that maintains a dash of fine art (all kidding aside).

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Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton have relaunched their website and refreshed their portfolio at Sawdust. Their cover of Novum served as a nice reminder to me as to where my priorities should be while I start my own studio.

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London based ‘typo-illustrator’ Sarah A. King has stayed busy and recently uploaded a series of fruits that she actually hand drew typography onto. It’s kind of a bizarre thing to do but the end result was really interesting and definitely not something you see everyday. Eat your words. Literally.

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