Talented designer, illustrator and animator Gareth O’Brian has updated with a few new and delicious projects. He’s an expert at curating his portfolio.

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Imaginary Forces alumni Brian Mah, James Anderson and Kathy Kelehan have joined to form the new motion and broadcast production studio Alma Mater based in Los Angeles. Considering their ‘Alma Mater’ good work will no doubt be swinging out their door.

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Tim Tadder pushes the contrast and levels in his photographs to that bleeding edge where they become almost hyper-real and totally saturated. It’s a look that lends itself well to advertising and it looks like Los Angeles-based Tadder has had plenty of projects streaming in as a result.

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There is some red hot work being fired out of the canon at Capacity, a motion design and production studio based like so many other out of LA.

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Laundry’s latest reel. Always worth checking out.

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Tim Navis is a ‘simple dude’ who likes beautiful things and knows how to capture them through the lens of his camera. Sometimes his imagery hints at darker subtexts but there is definitely a beauty throughout his portfolio.

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Motohiro NEZU is an LA based graphic designer and illustrator who is churning out some nice pop art influenced works including some tasty drippy vector portraits of famous basketball players.

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LA based motion design studio Royale updates with a new website for the New Year featuring a bevy of new work.

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I know I have written about motion designer, illustrator and graphic designer Chris Saunders before but I had to do it just one more time. I visited his portfolio again the other day while looking for inspiration for motion boards and was once again totally moved by his portfolio. He has a wondrous hand when it comes to Photoshop and his use of color will melt your brain.

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Vincent Pacheco who calls himself Mudchicken has updated with a lot of new work at his interesting website and portfolio. It’s more a spilling of ideas than anything and seems to function as a kind of archival assembly of sorts. The piece above definitely spoke to me.

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Los Angeles based illustrator and designer Julia Sonmi Heglund has been on our radar for a long time. It’s been a while since we last checked in on her site and she has kept busy and updated lately with some new and fun illustration work that is worth looking into.

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Los Angeles Art Director Jeffrey Docherty has updated his website with some excellent design and illustration work. His vector work is exceptional. It’s a perfect blend of detail and simplicity that manages to maintain iconic simplicity. That is not an easy thing to do and Docherty has inspiring style for miles.

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Ashkahn Shahparnia (pronounced Ash-Con-Shaw-par-neeyah) makes fun and funny things. Despite their deceptively simple appearance there is some interesting thinking bubbling cynically just under the surface of all of his work. It’s a funny but provocative affair and he recently updated with all kinds of new goodies, most of which would definitely illicit a response between giver and receiver. I wonder, is Purple Rain made out of Purple Drank?

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Motion designer and illustrator Ken Gunn Lee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He now resides in LA where he is building a kick ass freelance portfolio cranking out character development with serious style for the likes of Motion Theory. He’s one to keep an eye on.

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Oh Buck let me count the ways you inspire me. I have had the unique experience of working for an agency that hired Buck and was totally mind blown by what they produced. They are still high atop my list of the very best motion, animation and creative film studios out there. Above is plenty testimony to that fact.

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Shhive is the experimental portfolio of Los Angeles based motion designer/concept artist Kenneth Robin. He is currently freelancing for Logan and is cranking out some beautiful work.

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Hollywood based motion graphics studio Laundry has kept busy and continues to updated their site with new projects as well as new project proposals. I hired Laundry for my very first Colorado Lottery TV spot a long time back while I was still at Cactus and kept an eye on their progress ever since.

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Zambezi apparently means shark. It’s also the name of a small Venice-based (Los Angeles) advertising agency run by a boot strap crew who pushes out some big ideas. They have some excellent ad work under their hat and our responsible for some very fun-to-watch commercials.

Give us a call guys. We’d love to work with you.

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