Ana Serrano is a first generation Mexican American born in Los Angeles in 1983. She recently graduated from Art Center College of Design with honors, and currently resides in Los Angeles.

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New reel and work at Nylon. Hot stuff.

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“When Justin was a partner at Lambo in 2006, he directed the New pollution open for Fuel Tv in SD. Fuel Tv loved the package so much they returned to Justin to re create a similar package in HD. They wanted to stick with the same characters and story line. Expect they felt mud man resembled more than mud…… so Rock Man was born, Mud Man’s distant cousin who is definitely more bad ass and isn’t by any means ambiguous about what he’s made of. Other than Mud to Rock, our journey begins in the mountains. As well the style advanced a bit from a contrived lo-fi kitsch to more of a polished cinematic action trailer. Long live the monsters, next time were just gonna make a full length feature and Mc Donald’s action figures to go along with. Enjoy !”

Wow, 30 seconds of kick ass. You can also check out pictures from the production of the spot here. How much fun would it have been to work on that project?

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A really good friend of mine, Tyler Davis is currently seeking work in Los Angeles. We worked together at Mania TV several years back when he first came out of school and he has a huge appetite for creative and has a real passion for what he does. His best days are ahead of him, so if you are looking for a talented motion designer and in my humble opinion one of the nicest guys I have had the pleasure to work with, look him up.

Good luck Tyler.

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New kick ass work, reel and website from Los Angeles based Justin Harder.

Maybe he and I could work together and then call our joint effort ‘Harder Cox’. It almost sounds meant to be. I know that was juvenile, but I just couldn’t help myself.

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New website and motion work from the talented bunch behind Laundry.

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Some really lovely and fun illustrations in the folio of L.A.-based illustrator Hsinping Pan.

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“Laundry! reel. laundrymat.tv. Motion graphics, design, animation, visual effects, live action and just general radness.”

I worked with them a year and a half back on a television commercial and they are really talented.

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Nice work in the portfolio of Brazilian born, American-bound (L.A. to be exact) Doug Alves.

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Bright, vivid and surreal photography from the talented Dave Hill.

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Some nice work for both motion and print at the new website of Los Angeles-based designer/director (I want to be a designer/director too) Anthony Furlong.

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Strange but oh-so-hip work from Los Angeles-based artist/illustrator/photographer Landon Metz.

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In an effort to stir excitement, t-shirt maker Johnny Cupcakes has released a video announcing the opening of a new store on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. The store sounds like it could be a lot of fun but Johhny’s delivery is pretty dry. What really blows my mind though is that by selling t-shirts for 30 plus bucks a piece he could actually afford to decorate and pay rent for a store on Melrose Ave. I had no idea his shirts were that popular. As a matter of fact I thought the whole t-shirt craze had kind of reached a saturation point. Guess not. It made me consider selling t-shirts though. I just need some kind of gimmick like a monkey or cupcakes or something of that nature. Hmm.

Discovered by way of Kitsune Noir.

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Photographer Theo Jemison sent me an email today to show me his work. He is a very accomplished photographer who currently calls Los Angeles home. He has some beautiful and very human work in his portfolio. He has photographed some of my favorite musicians and has managed to capture a very raw sense of their personality in his images.

Thank you for the email Theo.

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There is some stunning, glamorous yet subtly contemplative imagery in the folio of Los Angeles based Photographer Alex Prager. Not that it matters to her photography but she is a beautiful person herself. She has exhibited between Europe and the states since 2001 and won the esteemed London Photographic Award in 2006. It’s easy to see why. Beautiful work.

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From a young age Los Angeles based illustrator/artist/designer Tracy Robinson knew her passion was geared towards creative. She received a Bachelor in Fine Arts from Loyola Marymount University and then interned at the Getty Museum. She has continued to explore the melding of art and design in projects for film, television, music, fashion and web. She has been particularly influenced by Japanese prints. Her vibrantly colored highly textured compositions straddle the line between pop-influenced design and fine art.

As a part of the ever-expanding LA art scene she has exhibited in numerous (as you can see by the long long list on her site) galleries. She has also contributed to several publications including Atomica, Neomu, Curvy, Beautiful Decay and The Royal Magazine. Be sure to click through much of her work as there is a large quantity but it is all quality. You can also adorn your walls with her lively colors by purchasing one of her several prints here.

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Seth A. Ferris is a self-ascribed Type Nerd. He is a designer-for-hire living in L.A. His work is subtle and exceptional. I absolutely love that he actually owns the URL ‘typenerd.com‘. How could any good designer ever forget that web address?

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Wow, Yosuke Ueno is painting up some acrylic styled post-modern cartoon inspired madness. He will be exhibiting at Gallery 1988 on February 5th through the 29th at 7020 Melrose Avenue in L.A. If you are in town you may want to stop by and check it out. I am sure his work will be even more interesting in person. He will be exhibiting with Luke Chueh and Mark Bodnar as well. For the unfamiliar, Luke has been hyped by Juxtapoz many a time.

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