Onetime Changethethought Editor Luke Williams has stayed busy since moving to Chicago after graduating from the Maryland Institute College of Art. He has recently been picking up the camera with more frequency to capture some interesting image studies including the one above. I had no idea how creepy tongues could be.

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Our sometime contributor, Luke Williams (who is [to his credit] too humble and kind to post this himself) has updated with both a new website and some very adept new work. He is growing as a designer and his work just keeps getting better. Kudos Luke and keep up the great work my friend. There is no better blessing than seeing good people do good work.

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Luke Williams wrote to me today to inform me he has a new website with new work. He was excited to get the word out so go tell it on the mountain because Luke is an extremely talented young man whose work deserves a look.

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3rd year Maryland Institute College of Art student, Luke Williams already has some subtle accomplished work in his portfolio. He is currently majoring in graphic design but also studying digital photography. He is specializing in print and currently working with Abbott Miller’s team of designers for Pentagram in Baltimore. Nice work Luke.

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