Madrid-based illustrator Gabriel Moreno has some strikingly beautiful work in his portfolio. Really gorgeous imagery. I absolutely love the illustration above which you could purchase from a recent exhibition of his work here.

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Plans for the 2009 Mad In Spain event have already been set in motion. A long list of designers/artists/illustrators/motionographers etc. has already been posted. Might be a nice excuse to finally get out to Madrid. Stay tuned and visit the MadInSpain site for more.

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Mad in Spain launched it’s ‘official’ site over the weekend. They sent an email about it yesterday. They have their roster of speakers up now and there are some notable presenters this year making it a venue worth attending if you can swing the steep price for a visit to Europe (that is if you are currently shackled to the U.S. economy). If however, you are one of the lucky people living in Europe then you might want to pay a visit because it sounds like it could be a pretty inspirational gig. It’s located in the beautiful city of Madrid so you could do a lot worse for a destination. I would love to attend but I don’t know if I can make it out there that early. I am planning a little trip to Europe right after Christmas next year though.

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The “Magazines and War 1936-1939” exhibition was held from January to April 2007 at Madrid’s Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia. The exhibition included serial publications from more than 20 public and private collections. It was the first of its kind in undertaking a study of the role of artists in Spanish Civil War magazines.

Since the show, a website has been assembled allowing visitors to browse, 30 selected individual magazine issues from the Museum’s library and the University of Illinois’s Rare Book and Manuscript Library. You can start browsing those issues and bare witness to an era of design you most surely have not yet seen right here.

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