Little White Lies has put it’s ‘Tron Legacy‘ issue on the stands and it looks like an extra fun issue. There are some very relevant ‘Tron-inspired’ topics in this issue including: Why Hollywood stars are right to be afraid of the virtual actor’, ‘What can cinema teach us about the look and feel of our future world?’ and ‘The inside story on the making of the original TRON.’

Personally, I have never laid hands on an actual copy of Little White Lies but I’ve been told it’s a really well put together publication. As a commemorative part of this issue you can also purchase a print of the cover at the Little White Lies shop.

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The Church of London, the creative agency behind Little White Lies and HUCK magazines has updated with a new website and a comprehensive update to their portfolio. As good as their publications are, it should come as no surprise that they have some great work in their portfolio.

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Rob wrote me to tell me that Little White Lies (a fantastic magazine all about good film) is now available in a digital edition. From the looks of the publication it is still probably worth ordering in print. The covers are all beautiful and so is the inside (judging from the digital edition).

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Some really nice layouts in the Flickr-folio of Cubic Ds. Who is he? All I can tell you is that he is male, and he is taken.

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