Typographer Marian Bantjes was commissioned to design graphics to be printed on  a Laser sailboat for Wallpaper’s Handmade issue. The end result is a stunning little piece of floating design art and you can pick one up for £10,000 or so. I’d imagine they would make quite an impression on the water.

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Prolific and incredibly talented typographer Marian Bantjes is about to release a new book titled ‘I Wonder‘. The book is a combination of philosophical musings and archived blog posts among other bits and bobs re-interpreted through Bantjes skilled graphic hand. As with everything she produces, quality inspiration is guaranteed. You can pre-order the book at a very reasonable price at Amazon.

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Designing Minds has an excellent interview with the amazing graphic designer/typographer Marian Bantjes that you can watch here. It’s very insightful and it is worth lending your ear to her for a moment as she is inarguably one of the best working designers out there today.

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