There is some strong work represented in the portfolio of Aussie designer extraordinaire Sam Pemberton, not the least of which includes the city of Melbourne rebrand you no doubt saw rippling through the creative blogosphere a few months prior.

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Designer Leif Podhajsky has been on a roll this year in a big way. He’s recently returned from working on the album art for the upcoming release from Lykke Li and recently posted some new work to his site for Tame Impala (I love that band). He’s one to keep an eye on in 2011 for sure.

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Melbourne born London based designer/illustrator Timba Smits is a self described lover of all things ‘vintage’ or ‘old-looking’ and he puts that inspiration to good use in his sometimes sexy vintage-inspired design and illustration work. He complements those illustration skills with some strong design work and an obviously good sense of humor.

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Tame Impala took a day off of their European tour to allow director Clemens Habicht to arm himself with a 360° camera in a forest just outside of Paris to shoot this video. I have to admit that since their EP came out, Tame Impala has been high on my list of favorite bands. Yes they sound a little bit like a psychedelic version of The Beatles but that description/comparison shouldn’t detour you but make you think about 2 things that are inarguably awesome and those two things are psychedelia and The Beatles. I had a chance to see them at Red Rocks this summer while they were opening for MGMT and I felt like I was one of the only people paying attention to them as they performed a stripped down yet fantastic sounding set. Keep your eye on these guys because simply put they kick ass.

If you need any creative, another music video or illustrations for your next album Tame Impala, we would proudly be your Huckleberry. We have a special affinity for drinking beer with Australians as luck would have it as well.

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Australian illustrator Jonathan Zawada is one of our favorites of this past year and he has just updated with a new site featuring the work that we have grown to love him for. He is at the top of his game and someone to keep a close eye on in 2011.

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Leif Podhajsky has informed us that he has once again updated with more of his unique surreal psychedelic mirrored visions. He’s continuing to explore his current style and it appears that he is still securing album art projects.

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Australian director, art director and designer Dimitri Kalagas has some sharp and trendy work in his portfolio. He’s got some nice music videos under his belt as well.

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Aussie digital illustrator extraordinaire Justin Maller has updated with some of his patent wild visuals that are always wonderful to look at. Someone needs to partner with him and put some of this work in motion.

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Melbourne based designer/illustrator Jack Vanzet has some interesting work featuring an array of ability in his portfolio. I am particularly fond of the above print and would most definitely hang it were it in my possession.

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Alright, I know I posted Melbourne based graphic designer/illustrator Leif Podhajsky’s work not very long ago and have posted him at least twice now. I posted the last time he updated, but as far as I can tell he has done one more small update. Regardless, it has to be shared here because the work is just beautiful. I am really becoming a fan. At first when he was collaging imagery and experimenting, I thought his work had a spiritual angle that made it interesting but his newer work has matured a great deal. His use of color in some of his recent pieces is beautiful. Great stuff.

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Melbourne based Leif Podhajsky’s psychedelic collage digital collage work has popped up all over the creative blogosphere but his work isn’t often seen applied to more commercial projects. However, he has recently posted some album art for ‘Tame Impala’s’ album ‘Inner Speaker’. Not only is ‘Tame Impala’ a kick ass band, Podhajsky retro-tinged work is a perfect pairing for their music and I am really digging the covers. If they produce LPs, they would look pretty slick framed and hung on a wall.

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Suzy Tuxen has updated with new projects in the portfolio of her studio A Friend of Mine. The studio is based in Melbourne and has been consistently turning out some beautifully considered graphic design and branding work.

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Nicholas Cary graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Communication & Design degree in 2007 from Monash University, Melbourne. Since then he has interned and freelanced fro some of Australia’s most respected studios such as Round and Hofstede. He has a small but considered body of work.

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Melbourne-based digital illustrator and designer Justin Maller has updated his unusual portfolio once again. Justin is also the Creative Director of the Depthcore Collective and is represented by the Jacky Winter Group.

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Rock of the Eye is an attempt by two reps with a nearly identical aesthetic to bring the work of what they describe as design-celeb’ and ‘illo-stars’ to the attention of young creatives in Australia for the purpose of inspiration.

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Task Focused is the graphic design work of Melbourne based designer Rob Cordiner. I have posted his work before on past versions of the blog but that was a long time ago and he has since updated with several new projects.

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Melbourne-based illustrator Sam Octigan has some eloquent drafting skills. He has recently relaunched his website with new work and a new blog to keep his followers better updated on his progress.

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Melbourne-based artist and illustrator Michael Steele has updated since I last dropped in with a few more of his signature spheres of colliding objects. I particularly like the hand drawn examples such as the one above.

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