Beautiful TV is a motion design agency based in London with a love for good humor and a genuine passion for their profession.

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pjrichardson.jpgPJ Richardson’s is the founder of Laundry but he wanted to share a new website featuring more of his hand-drawn and experimental work. There is some excellent typography, drawing and collage happening in his personal portfolio providing evidence that his unique talent has strongly contributed to Laundry’s success.

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I Love Dust created this psychedelic freakout for MTV’s World Design Studio as a part of their first creative collaboration with 55DSL. I have no idea how you get something like this past the client but sign us up. I am a big huge slobbery fan of I Love Dust and it’s exciting to see where they have gone lately with animation and motion.

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Illustrator and motion designer Jon Noorlander was a 2010 PromaxBDA Design World BRONZE winner for the above ident for BT Vision and was also featured in Stash 64. Noorlander has some fantastic work on his reel.

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Onedotzero just released this little montage (everybody needs a montage) of some of their recent endeavors in the realms of motion graphics, short film, animation and music videos. It’s an impressive show and proof of Onedotzero’s inspiring talent.

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Nerdo Design Collective is a new motion and graphic design studio based in Torino, Italy. They get posted almost entirely because they were smart enough to put together the above video which has to be one of my favorite movie scenes of all time. My business card is often referred to as the American Psycho card or the Darth Vader card and it always makes me think of the above scene. It’s a clever promotional idea.

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Pablo Alfieri has teamed up with Motion Designer Mariano Farias to form a new studio focusing on Motion, Illustration, Design and Art Direction. The studio is called Plenty and they already have an excellent reel posted.

Pablo is a guy who has kept up with me via email and a little on Facebook. He just seems like a super positive guy and is someone I would very much like to meet in person one day. I wish you all the best with your new studio Pablo. Thank you for the email. You guys are going to be very successful.

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Motion/Direction agency Not to Scale has relaunched their website and it’s an excellent example of how to keep a site simple but make it interesting via color and placement. It does a great job at showcasing the work of their top directors and it makes sorting through the content fun.

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“Plato Art Space is proud to present Candaş Şişman’s video dedicated to famous sculptor İlhan Koman produced for the exhibition İlhan Koman: Hulda Festival, a Journey into Art and Science opening on the 22nd September, 2010.”

You can read more about the inspiration behind ‘Flux’ here.

Video and sound design by Candas Sisman.

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Yeah I know, it’s Linkin Park but hey the compositing in this video is awesome. I am not sure who directed or animated the video but it’s a great effect and even more kudos go to giving Linkin Park a makeover.

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I almost forgot Daniele Manoli’s alphabet video of the week this week. So this time we have the letter ‘Q’ (one of my favorite letters) that stands for Quadrilateral. How awesome are all of these videos? One for every letter in the alphabet. Still blows my mind.

Video & Audio : Daniele Manoli
Styling, Art Direction, Handmade Props & Accessories : Phoebe Tong behance.net/ ​phoebetong
Model : Isabella L

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3D and motion studio Blur has updated with a spectacular body of work including some downright mind blowing cinematic video game trailers. It’s amazing they even had time to put a site online considering how involved producing such work must be.

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Motion designer Ed Laag is currently freelancing for Shilo where he is belting out some pretty kick-ass visuals with a truly cinematic slant. He’s super good at what he does and it shows right from the moment the thumbnails load on the homepage. Impressive work.

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Seattle based director and motion designer Colin Day is fresh of a 7 year stint at Digital Kitchen that garnered two Emmy nominations. As well you could imagine, he has some strong work in his considered portfolio for clients ranging the spectrum.

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Motion designer and illustrator Ken Gunn Lee was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He now resides in LA where he is building a kick ass freelance portfolio cranking out character development with serious style for the likes of Motion Theory. He’s one to keep an eye on.

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“We wanted to make a series of moving sculptures that take inspiration from the great surrealists like dali and in particular his lobster telephone. We have tried to build intriguing objects that leave you wanting to see more. These objects are mechanical but at the same time organic in their movements. They are a collection of textures, objects and movements that create images that we wanted to see.”

Produced and directed by We Are 17. You can read a little more about them here.

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Mr. Harrison (if you please) is a graduate from Central St. Martins and has been on a streak directing some highly unusual but brilliant music videos. The most recent of which is the above video for Asprins single ‘Cutter’. It’s not quite like anything I have seen lately. Mr. Harrison is one to keep an eye on.

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This Fall Nando Costa visited Chile to speak at a design conference called Sudala. For the event, he created a custom typography piece. He captured the creation of the work recording his screen. The recording was later played at the event. The illustration was made with no prior planning and really illustrates just how talented Costa is. We were watching it this afternoon in our studio and were once again impressed by Costa’s genuine talent.

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