Mart Biemans is a 20 year old design student with an already superb and interesting portfolio of vector-styled illustration work. He’s worth keeping an eye on.

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Rotterdam based designer and illustrator Erwin Kho AKA Zerbamine takes a unique approach to his work with a quirky and colorful dimensional perspective. You can see more in his Behance portfolio.

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Job, Joris and Marieke created this great little animated video for hip hop artist’s Gers Pardoel single Ik Neem Je Mee.

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It’s a pencil celebration bitches. Everyone have a good time. This fun little retro throwback is the official video for ‘Pencil Revolution’ by SCHRADINOVA, taken from the album ‘India Lima Oscar Victor Echo You’.

I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t know how into the video I am but I do really like the song.

Credits here.

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Marius Roosendaal is a graphic designer from the Netherlands with a keen eye for simple typography, an interest in sci-fi and an ability to keep things likeably minimal.

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Netherlands design studio Pot And Vander Velden have some clean, simple print work in their portfolio that still manages to deliver a quirky sense of personality.

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Onesize has updated with a new reel that is mind-numbingly awesome and balls-to-the-wall inspiring. We are hoping to one day be doing and accomplishing a similar aesthetic but remain enormously moved by their work.

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Dutch illustrator Merijn Hos has updated with some new work. I am a fan of his Yellow Submarine-esque characters and organic slightly psychedelic style. I have a few prints of his given to me by Mario Hugo and absolutely love them.

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Tastefully minimal editorial work marks the portfolio of Amsterdam-based Mainstudio. Their layouts for Mark Magazine are quitely simply gorgeous.

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Artist, photographer and sculptor Rachel de Joode’s work is a mishmash of several elements. It’s hard to forecast what she might do next and she seems able to move rather fluidly between the worlds of contemporary art, artistic photography, performance art and fashion. It makes her an interesting personality and someone to keep tabs on as there is no telling what she might be up to now.

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Jonas Hegi spent 2 years studying at the University of the Arts in Zurich. He moved on to complete an internship at Ludovic Balland and is now interning in Den Haag at Carvalho Bernau. He is part of the motion graphic collective Les Enfants Terribles. He has some killer typography in his print portfolio. Hegi’s approach is very swiss and very inspiring to those whose tastes lean in that direction (mine have been lately).

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Studio Spass is a visual communication agency based in Rotterdam. They have a growing list of clients with some sharp work for print and web. They have a strong passion for design and do what they can to keep from boxing themselves in by avoiding formulae.

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Painter Barbara Wijnveld uses big dripping blocks of water color to create some striking fashion-influenced portrait paintings that look much better hanging on a wall then they come across via the web. I’d love to see them in a gallery setting.

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Hoaxhoaxhoax has an interesting and varied body of design work. The animated gif alphabet is fantastic. I just sat and watched it for several minutes. It’s even more cool considering it was created using ink, subwoofer, plastic, foamboard, tape and an MP3 player.

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Since 1416 was founded in 2005 by Dirk Claessens & Maarten Verweij. There is some very considered graphic design work in their collective portfolio.

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Armen Mnatsakanjan is a Designer and Illustrator based in The Netherlands whom I mentioned on the site a few months back. I use his desktopography image still as my desktop now and then. He has done a small update with a few new pieces in his unusual portfolio that are worth checking out.

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Just when you start to think that Flash experimentation is at a standstill someone like Cartelle comes along and just has fun with it. None of it is necessarily new but that doesn’t mean playing around with it isn’t still a really great time.

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There is some interesting work for print in the portfolio of Hans Gremmen.

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