Rep agency Hugo and Marie have added one more remarkably talented name to their short but amazing list of artists and that person is Kustaa Saksi. They have updated their website with some of Saksi’s colorful and fantastic work. Last time I was in NY, Mario Hugo was loaded to the gills with work so it sounds like they are doing very well. With the talent they currently have under their umbrella, it’s easy to see why they would be busy.

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Korean illustrator (now lives in NYC) Tae Querney wrote us to inform us she updated her website and portfolio with new works. She has a soft and whimsical style that maintains it’s human touch even after retouching. We like her work.

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Sara Blake AKA ZSO has updated recently with some lovely new illustrations employing drawing, pen and ink, watercolor and digital retouching. There are some excellent illustrations in ZSO’s portfolio making use of bright color schemes. ZSO currently lives and works in New York City. She is a graduate from from New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study with a concentration in Graphic Art and Postmodern Studies. She also works as a digital designer at Euro RSCG.

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I returned yesterday from a week-long holiday to New York. I am sure you noticed the lack of updates to the blog which I have to apologize for as I didn’t really tell anyone I was leaving. I had an absolutely fantastic time there and got to hang with some really wonderful people. I attended the opening of Hyper Island’s New York school and met some nice people there including the founder of Hyper Island. It was a fun event but boy I have to say it had to be 200 degrees inside. It was hot as hell that night and made for a sweaty affair. That same night I ended up going out with a really talented Senior Art Director from Big Spaceship for some drinks and a slice of pizza.

I also attended a Yankee’s game at the new Yankee stadium which was really enjoyable even though I am not a huge sports fan (except for World Cup). It was hotter than the mind could imagine at the game but the new stadium is really impressive. I went to a wedding in Bryant Park which is somewhere you should stop by next time you are in the city. It’s a beautiful park. I finally got to visit the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) which did not disappoint. I got to see some of my favorite Francis Bacon paintings up close and personal and that was really inspiring. I also attended the American Museum of Natural History which I really enjoyed, more so than I thought I would to be honest. I absolutely love anything and everything to do with dinosaurs and the collection there is absolutely fantastic. Rarely does the word apply but it is the only adjective that comes close to describing the collection there. I also visited the Solomon Guggenheim Museum and enjoyed their current photography exhibit entitled ‘Haunted’. Walking up through Frank Lloyd Wright’s classic architectural masterpiece is a very memorable way to experience art. If you ever visit New York, don’t skip a chance to visit the Guggenheim. I walked back and forth across Central Park 2 or 3 times since the train doesn’t really cross it. Central Park in the summer is always an interesting place to visit. I tried to hit up the New Museum since it was only two blocks from my hotel but it was closed Monday and Tuesday. I was sad I didn’t get to see it. I stayed at the Sohotel in Soho close to Little Italy and Little China. The hotel was very affordable and it was also very nice. I recommend it if you are looking for somewhere to stay in NY close to the action but don’t want to spend 3 or 400 dollars a night on a hotel. I hit up some bars in Soho near Houston and Ludlow and also ate dinner in Little Italy. All experiences included were wonderful. I went to the top of the Empire State Building. You have to stand in line forever to get up there and I was a little salty by the time I arrived but when you look out on Ellis Island and the rest of the city from above, it is totally worth the wait. I visited Times Square and took in the movie Inception as well as a cheesey but super fun 80’s rock musical called Rock of Ages on Broadway. I wanted to see the new Mamet play starting Eddie Izzard titled ‘Race‘ but it was sold out. Rock of Ages was a really great time though and I highly recommend it. I  walked by the new interactive Forever 21 billboard directed by my close friend Jasper Gray at Futuristic Films. The billboard points a camera back at the crowd and a lot of people were gathered to stop and take photos. It was exciting to see something from a local Denver shop in the heart of Times Square drawing a crowd, especially something directed by one of my best friends. I also partied a night or two in Brooklyn near Bed-Stuy. I got to see a Banksy piece in the neighborhood and also hit up some really cool bars. That neighborhood is really an exciting place and just spilling over with art. I stayed with my good friend Josh Pipic who works at Agency Net and lives in an absolutely beautiful apartment in Williamsburg. He was really a great host and I can’t say enough about how talented he is and how much of just a great all-around person he is. I had drinks with the fine people of Agency Net one night as well and still keep them high on my Rolodex of people to work with. They are just good souls and have the talent to match. I was stood up by Mario Hugo for drinks since he said they landed a big account and had been pulling back to back all nighters. I accepted a rain check but was bummed I didn’t get to check in with him in his local habitat. Next time I guess.

As always, I love riding the subway in New York. With all of it’s decay and sweltering summer heat it has to be one of the strangest places on Earth. I saw magicians, choirs, crazy people and musicians on the train and riding it is a cultural experience that is unique to NY. I was asked a lot of questions by tourists so I must have looked local which made me feel good.

All in all, it couldn’t have been a more eventful trip for only 1 week’s time. Go to NYC when you get the chance, it’s one of the most amazing cities on this planet. You can live harder, denser and faster there than anywhere else in the world.

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I am a little surprised I haven’t heard of Australian photographer Tim Richardson yet. He is currently based in New York and has worked for some huge clients. He has also recently published two books and his most recent film installation for the Sydney Dance Company is part of the Venice Dance Biennale in 2010. He is remarkably talented and his talent extends far beyond the medium of photography.

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Francisco Lopez and Monica Brand update their collective portfolio under their studio name Mogollon with more stylish music, entertainment and fashion-centric project work.

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Niky Roehreke is a german/japanese illustrator who graduated from the Central Saint Martins with a major in Graphic Design. She currently splits time between Tokyo and New York and has completed an internship at Mike Perry’s studio.

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New York based mysticism photographer Alison Scarpulla has updated her Flickr-folio in the last few weeks with more cosmic psychedelic imagery that harkens back to a more ‘trippy’ time. I am really impressed with her recent works and won’t be surprised if a band takes her on for some album art in the very near future.

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I wrote about the work of photographer Noah Kalina a few months ago. Since then he has updated his Flickr-folio (just last week actually) with some new imagery. Kalina is a rare talent who feels equally at home with a camera positioned in front of both a fashion model or a contemplative landscape. He manages to tell a story or suggest one with every image engaging the viewer at every turn. He’s also not afraid to post his imagery in large formats where you can not only appreciate it at scale but possibly even print one out for yourself to hang on a wall in your studio.

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NY based photographer and Yale graduate David Benjamin Sherry has updated with several new images for 2010, all of which are strange, psychedelic and introspective. His work continues to evolve and I would imagine he will be lining up the exhibitions in the future.

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Talented illustrator and designer Mario Hugo has kept busy and recently updated with some new examples of his fantastic work. He remains one of my favorites and it’s great to see him doing so well since he launched his studio.

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Artist and illustrator Tae Querney was born in Seoul, Korea but grew up in Seattle and is currently living in New York City. She has an interesting yet still somewhat small body of work one half featuring more contemporary art and the other illustration. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the painting above, it’s like passing by a train wreck. You can’t look away.

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Designer Adam Gault has launched his own studio based out of Long Island City, NY. The studio has a small but highly considered body of work. I was particularly fascinated by a project completed for MSNBC and excited to see it put into use on the network.

It’s funny, there studio looks a lot like ours before we began our remodel. Maybe I should have just left it along and let it be what it is. Oh well, too late now.

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Illustrator Koren Shadmi lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and if I could be so bold I recommend checking out Sadmi’s personal work.

What do you think the odds are that if you threw a rock into a crowd in Brooklyn it would hit a designer, artist or illustrator?

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New York based designer/illustrator Stephen Kelleher who goes by ‘Frankenstyles‘ emailed to inform us the he has updated his portfolio with several new projects.

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Have a look through the soft, subtle, sexy and composed fashion-inspired photography portfolio of the very talented New York based image maker Jonathan Waiter.

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California-born New York-based artist Suzanne Unrein is a big fan of Rubens but she is also fond of Poussin, Raphael, Correggio, and Bougereau. Although you can see the influence of old masters on her work, she has developed an old world meets new impressionistic kinetic style utilizing a subdued color palette where every stroke counts in capturing an almost subdued kind of violence.

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Illustrator Nathan Manire was originally in Detroit but is now based in New York City. He has recently developed a new technique using watercolor to create a pixelated look that I would imagine requires a fair bit of patience to accomplish. The end result of his diligence is a striking image. To truly appreciate the amount of detail, take a few steps back from your monitor and squint your eyes a bit.

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