New York-based Graphic Designer, Art Director and Photographer Irwin Tobias Matutina has a small but highly considered body of commercial work as well as some striking images in his personal cache.

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New York-based photographer Gabriel Jones sent in a link to his portfolio and I have to say I was really impressed by his artistic imagery. He has some beautiful contemplative imagery in his book. The image above is eerily haunting.

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In 2003 Andrew Faris graduated from Kent State University and promptly moved to New York City. He worked during the week as a web designer but over the weekend he would hit the streets with his parents Polaroid camera in hand. Everything NYC was new to Faris and he captured the city in a raw series of images that he decided he would share via NYCPP (the New York City Polaroid Project).

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Brooklyn-based Triboro Design consists of Stefanie Weigler and David Heasty. They recently produced a variation of the famous New York City subway map. The map was printed in only one color: Florescent red. The poster was offset printed in a limited edition run of only 300 prints. I am not sure where you can buy one but I would very much like to get my hands one on (or two). If you know where to get one, leave me a comment. I appreciate it.

Via The Daily Heller.

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Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Kalina has an eye for color and the ability to nestle his subjects squarely within an image composed of subtle hues.

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French Art Director, illustrator and designer Emeric Trahand, also known as Takeshi has updated his portfolio once again with some very rousing work. He is really starting to push his subject matter and there are some very interesting new examples of his style in this recent update. He is currently based in NYC.

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New York design studio Project Projects has updated with a new site and newly added projects to their roster of projects. Rob Giampietro has also recently joined as principle. The work looks amazing and 2010 will no doubt be a great year for them.

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Dress Code is a New York based design and motion graphics studio that has recently relaunched it’s website. There are some super fun background images loading randomly on the site including the one above.

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Fashion photographer Gabriel Jeffrey has a dead sexy body of work that you can’t even try to tear your eyes away from. It all starts with the first image that loads on his home page. He might also be a Bowie fan. I don’t know, call it a wild guess.

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NYC-based Graphic designer and illustrator Damien Correll is someone I always keep tabs on and he has just a very few new bits and pieces in his portfolio. It appears he has been seeking an intern lately (or perhaps last summer), so it sounds as though he and his partner Garrett have been busy. If you have yet to browse through his portfolio, consider this your chance. It’s always worth looking through.

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I received this note in my email today:
GrandArmy is now part of a new group that we call Attack. We teamed up with Wieden+Kennedy New York to form the new agency within the agency, and our debut project is a result of a collaboration with Shinichi Maruyama and MNDR. Editing by Jamie Carreiro.”

The video that begins playing onload at the Attack website is a beautiful work and the selected song really carries the video. Beautiful work.

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I wrote about Rhode Island School of Design graduate Huy Vu a very long time ago and rediscovered his work and there are some wonderful things happening in his portfolio. It’s worth another browse for the uninitiated.

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Lucas Nasson is a Brazilian born graphic designer who now resides in New York. He sent me a link to his website several days ago and I somehow missed it but was pleasantly surprised to discover a really beautiful body of print work in his portfolio.

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A big scrollable wall of design goodness that is a downright feast for the eyes and imagination is waiting to be discovered in the Carefully Considered portfolio.

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Do yourself a favor and watch some more of the videos directed by the sublimely talented By Grandchildren. You can start by watching the one above for Grizzly Bear’s ‘While You Wait for the Others’.

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Have a look at the unusual artwork of Keegan Mchargue.

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Just downright bizarre paintings are being produced by RISDy graduate, Robin F Williams. And by ‘bizarre’, I mean very compelling and hard to look away from.

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The creative work of David Benjamin Sherry is somewhat indescribable. It’s a fascinating mishmash of photography, psychedelia and surrealism. The end result is that each image is unique in the experience it offers the viewer to partake in.

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