Alex Passapera is an illustrator/fine artist based out of New York. He has some downright wild, as in pretty awesome drawings in his portfolio. It’s either the stuff of dreams or nightmares. Maybe nightmares. But still awesome.

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About photographer Christian Weber from his website:
“Christian Weber (b. 1971) is a visual artist born in Cincinnati, Ohio. A few years after his birth his family moved to Florida where he started taking photographs at the age of fourteen. He later graduated from the Southeast Center for Photograpahic Studies which in turn propelled him to New York City into a career in the arts.

Creating assured images, Weber demonstrates a raw elegance that is at once provisional and precise. His celebrated portraits, architecture, and landscapes reveal a talent equally open to the verve and beauty of contemporary life. His photographs appear regularly in such publications as Life, Details, The New York
Times Magazine, and Interview. “

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New York-based graphic designer, Jason Arias has some interesting typographical work in his portfolio, including the 2d image that was cut apart then photographed in 3d all to be finalized again as a 2d poster above.

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Zack Nathanson is Downwiththe.biz and that is fantastik with a k.

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Brooklyn studio Mogollon have updated again with some new works.

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I received one of those mass ad agency emails from NYC photographers Russ and Reyn today and most of the time, I delete those emails but I clicked the link because they looked interesting and to my chagrin they have some really smart and fun photography in their portfolio. Can’t tell you much about them other than that but their work does enough talking.

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Sara Elizabeth Berks has some really nice and clean graphic design work in her portfolio backed by excellent usage of typography. She is currently working in New York City.

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There is some really fantastic graphic design and typography in the portfolio of creative agency G&V. And I mean fantastic.

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Project Projects is a design studio focusing on print, exhibition, and interactive work with clients in art and architecture. Founded in 2004 by Prem Krishnamurthy and Adam Michaels, the studio’s clients include Art in General, Berkeley Art Museum, Bard College Center for Curatorial Studies, Canadian Centre for Architecture, Center for Urban Pedagogy, Field Operations, The Museum of Modern Art, The New York Times Magazine, Phaidon, Princeton Architectural Press, Steven Holl Architects, Storefront for Art & Architecture, Vera List Center for Art & Politics, White Columns, and WORKac. The studio has won numerous awards including I.D. magazine’s 2007 Design Distinction Award, the Art Directors Club Young Guns 5 Award, several Society of Publication Designers merit awards, and the AIGA 365 Award. In addition to client-based work, the studio initiates and produces independent curatorial and publishing projects.”

There is some really great work in their book.

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David Rager can be found living, working, designing and riding his bike in New York. Oh, and there is some really great stuff in his portfolio.

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Motion house, Thank You has updated with some new work.

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If you have been seeing all of the weird pictures of naked people floating today it is all because of the new website for the creative studio Legs. They deserve the attention as well for the work they have produced so far for clients like Diesel and the NY Times.

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A few small but notable updates for 2009 in the portfolio of color-pattern crushing designer/illustrator Edvard Scott.

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Vicente Sahuc filmed the above video recently in New York City while roller skating with his inexpensive casio camera. The camera was mounted on a steadicam that was shooting at 300 fps. After color correcting it himself he reduced the frame rate to 24 frames per second to create the slow motion effect. The result is pretty incredible considering the home-made setup. Expect to see more of this kind of thing in the future as video technology gets better and even more affordable.

I can’t wait until people start shooting quality full length movies. I say do it yourself. Hollywood has got to be sweating. I think very soon the  internet will have them on the run.

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Goran Krstic is a 23 year old NYC native and creative whose work ranges  from design to illustration. His work has been published on the cover of CMYK #38 and in the monograph of Mirko Ilic. He is currently working freelance and would love to talk about any projects you are interested in him working on.

Goran was kind enough to send his work to me today and I was really impressed. Great work. What talent at such a young age and to have already had experience at Brand New School. Keep your eye on him.

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Las Hermanas are Lisa and Janelle Iglesias, the youngest of 4 daughters and second generation Americans. They used to share a studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn but they recently received an upcoming 6 month residency at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris through the lower Manhattan cultural council for October 2008 through March 2009.

Really interesting work.

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Edvard Scott is a self-taught graphic designer and illustrator from Stockholm, currently based in New York. Over the past years Scott’s work has attracted the attention of big-name companies – both domestic and international. Working with art direction, animation, interactive media and printed matter Scott’s clients include Nokia, L’Oréal, Mini Cooper, Shift Japan, Graniph and Start Mobile, and his work has been published in books and magazines such as Grafik, Arkitip, Computer Arts, NeoGeo and Illusive 2. Scott’s work has also been exhibited in solo and groups shows in Japan, UK and the Netherlands.”

And he has a brand new website up.

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A little about Photographer Graeme Mitchell:
“Born in Manitoba in 1980. Moved with family to various small towns in the Pacific Northwest. Studied Literature. Raced bicycles and raced and coached alpine skiing. Relocated to NYC in ‘05. Currently focusing on fashion and portrait photography. Enthusiastic about traditional black and white work, challenging his subjects, collaborating with his talented team, and not compromising. Is attracted to photography because of the inherent limitations and at the same time the immense possibilities of the medium. Believes in art, and, incidentally, love.”

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