I love Dust was recently in touch to let me know that they updated their portfolio in a big way with a wealth of new design, illustration and animation work. They continue to inspire and know that my love for them guarantees a post. Oh how I wish I was across the pond so I could knock on their door and try to see if they’d take in a wayward designer/illustrator like me.

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The Nike 78 project has been updated and features some fresh new artist interpretations of the iconic Nike shoe. It’s an interesting project featuring some exciting and intelligent artists and speaks volumes about Nike’s ownership of it’s brand. Advertising agencies take note.

The above video is one of the older projects by ANSWR but it’s still one of my favorites.

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The German illustrator and designer known only as DXTR has made some recent additions to his street-inspired portfolio including some new illustrations for Nike and K2 snowboarding. Look closely at the image above and see if you can spot the word ‘Nike’. It’s in there. Great visual.

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There is some fun illustration work in the Behance portfolio of Italian illustrator and designer Rubens Cantuni and from what I have been hearing lately our friends in the creative industry residing in Italy need as much attention and as many projects as they can get. Hope this post helps.

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I have been there before but somehow stumbled again today on the work of illustrator/designer AJ Dimarucot and was once again impressed by his work and style. It appears there are some new things in his book too that weren’t there the last time I dropped in. I am loving his free-wheeling style when it comes to type.

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Allan Peters is a Minneapolis based Art Director, Graphic Designer and Typographer with some clean, simple and air-tight work in his portfolio including some exceptional type work for Nike.

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Can you make a 22 minute commercial? Well yeah, if you are Nike and you have athletes like Paul Rodriguez, Julian Wilson and Danny Kass to support your brand. Nike ‘just does it’.

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Berlin based graphic design agency Hort has updated their already exceptional body of work with some new projects for Nike Basketball and Christina Rosenvinge. They continue to excel at producing simple, contemporary and classic design for print.

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Polish graphic designer and typographer Karol Gadzala has some slick yet simple work in his Behance portfolio including some likeable apparel work for Nike.

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michaelspoljaric.jpgNow Portland based graphic design Michael Spoljaric’s career path can be traced back through Attik, the Phantom Research Foundation, R!OT Manhattan, Spontaneous and now Nike where he works on the basketball account and is responsible for these excellent illustrations that I ran into on a trip to NY this summer. NOTE: Apparently the talented illustrator Saiman Chow created the illustrations. Apologies for any confusion and credit where credit is due.

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Damn am I loving the graffiti-inspired work of illustrator Paulo Arraiano for Nike. It’s awesome. I am going back to the pencil big time right now. Push this machine away from me so I can reconnect to the paper first.

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W+K Shanghai designer Sally Zou has had her hands on some nice projects running from motion through design and illustration for clients like Nike.

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Director/photographer Christopher Hewitt has produced some beautiful work this year including the ‘Canon Bring Color to Life’ photos and T.V. spot that were widely circulated across the creative blogosphere a few months back. He has relaunched his site and it is now populated with a few new notable projects including the spot for Nike above.

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South African designer and typographer Jordan Metcalf has been busy and recently released some slick typographical imagery produced for Nike. You can see the work in his Behance portfolio but also get a glimpse of more of his efforts in his Flickr-folio.

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Graphic Designer and Art Director Jimmy Soat A.K.A. Flux Filter Form got in touch to let us know that he recently updated his portfolio with an archive of experimental works at his website It’s All About The Process.

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Barcelona based design and illustration studio VanilaBCN has updated with a few new projects for clients including Nike and Computer Arts. Slick and colorful work.

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Fluxfilterform is the work of San Francisco based director/designer Jimmy Soat. His work is expertly executed and his portfolio showcases some brilliant art direction reaching toward a level of aesthetic most simply cannot ascertain. He recently updated with some beautiful new work. You gotta dig the yellow.

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Wow. What a brilliant and epic spot. Wieden and Kennedy just get it. Straight up with no BS. I can’t imagine how much fun it was producing this. The spot was directed by renowned Hollywood director and producer Alejandro G. Iñarritu (21 Grams, Babel).

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