There is a kind of silently austere obscurity about Noah Kalina’s photographs. His subjects, be them human or otherwise are left to their own devices and presented in a way that the viewer must confront them on their own terms. In short, it’s photography in the raw.

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I wrote about the work of photographer Noah Kalina a few months ago. Since then he has updated his Flickr-folio (just last week actually) with some new imagery. Kalina is a rare talent who feels equally at home with a camera positioned in front of both a fashion model or a contemplative landscape. He manages to tell a story or suggest one with every image engaging the viewer at every turn. He’s also not afraid to post his imagery in large formats where you can not only appreciate it at scale but possibly even print one out for yourself to hang on a wall in your studio.

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Brooklyn-based photographer Noah Kalina has an eye for color and the ability to nestle his subjects squarely within an image composed of subtle hues.

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