Grandpeople co-founder Magnus Voll Mathiassen recently established his own studio. As you could well imagine MVM already has some cracking graphic design and illustration work in it’s young portfolio.

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Get evil with Norwegian (correction on behalf of the readers) American illustrator Justin Bartlett.

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Egil Paulsen is an Oslo-based illustrator artist currently studying computer science. He works digitally to produce some very expressionistic imagery.

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Oslo based graphic design studio, Your Friends, founded by Carl Gürgens and Henrik Fjeldberg has some great work in their portfolio.

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Oslo-based Norwegian design agency Anti yields an absolutely spectacular long scroll of beautiful design work at their website. Every piece in their book is fantastic.

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A nice little animated video here from director Ritxi Ostáriz (iikki.com) for the Norwegian band Dead Hoodlum.

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I love the paintings of Tor-Arne Moen. Gorgeous work.

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Photographer Rune Guneriussen somehow manages to breath a strange and sometimes eerie life into inanimate objects. It is a fascinating meld of both subject and environment.

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I just dropped in on Grand People today because I really love their work and they just keep updating with better and better work. They really are amazing and I just love almost every single thing in their portfolio.

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Madebymade is a graphic design studio based in Oslo, Norway and is a part of TBWA Oslo.
Made and it’s collaborators works in all fields of graphic design, art direction and illustration as well as personal projects and animation.

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It appears that the crazy kids behind ‘Oh Yeah‘ have updated their site with all kinds of newness. I don’t know what is going down in Oslo but it sure looks like a good time. There is an enormous amount of work on the site and it is all pretty quality.

Just a squirrel in this world trying to get an oil covered diamond.

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I wish it were displayed just a hair bigger but there is some very attractive work including some really great typography in the portfolio of Norwegian designer Mats Ottdal.

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Jonas Odell (co-founder and director at Film Tecknarna) along with Nexus Productions, helped produce this 80’s inspired, Warhol-collage video for Norwegian rocker Ida Maria.

You can watch it here. Not sure why they won’t let you embed it though.

I am digging it.

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Oh Yeah is the work of Oslo-based designer/artist/photographers Christina and Hans. They claim they like to do their work after dinner. I translate that as they probably hold down day jobs and have to do the bulk of their creative in the evening after earning their rent money. I think many of us have found ourselves in a similar situation.

Although I am not really a fan of how their website functions, there is an enormous amount of work to view. It looks as though they work in a serial nature creating strange little clusters of work that ranges from design, art for art’s sake and photography. All of it is very original and unique.

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I have written of Norwegian graphic design studio Grand People before but they have recently updated their site with more work. There is always something different and interesting to be found in their portfolio and their updates do not disappoint.

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Bleed is a graphic design agency based out of Oslo, Norway. They were established in 2000 by a group of like-minded individuals with backgrounds in graphic design, advertising and technology. Bleed’s work no spans art projects for exhibition, branding work, as well as the design book Nordic Youngblood published by the German design publishing company Die Gestalten Verlag. They are also now running their own concept store simply titled, ‘One’. They employ 13 people full time with a broad mixture of cultural backgrounds and expertise in varying disciplines. Since their inception they have become one of the most awarded agencies in Norway and their work no spans the globe.

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