Design studio Stranger and Stranger worked with winemaker Truett Hurst and Safeway to enhance the packaging of wine bottlees for special occasions. I’ve been scouring the internet for wine and liquor packaging ideas and found these particularly inspirational.

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Illustrator Pietari Posti was someone I used to check in on regularly back a year or two ago. It’s been a long time since I have browsed his work but there has been an update and what looks like a new website. Posti is still rocking with some exceptionally artistic and colorful imagery.

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Doubleday & Cartwright is a media and design agency with a specialization in sport and culture. Our successes have been various: designing a garment customization space for Nike, turning a baseball legend into a viral and film festival sensation, helping a groundbreaking nutritional juice cleanse grow into a category killer. We participate in the product and content marketplace as both actors and advisors. So we know what it takes to make noise, capture attention, move units, and we offer clients the same excellence that we demand from ourselves on our own time.”

They possess a varied and accomplished portfolio of project work.

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New Zealand studio Inhouse Design has updated with some classic and tasty new graphic design for packaging and branding.

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Sydney based creative agency PDC Creative has some simply beautiful print and packaging work in their portfolio. They are equally skilled at presenting this work as well with closeup sexy graphic design print-porn photos that display a meticulous eye for detail..

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It’s been a very long time since my last post about Australian design agency War and they have recently updated with some stellar graphic design work. New additions to their portfolio include the beautiful packaging design for Construction Technologies Australia.

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Swedish design and branding studio A-B-D has a small but impressive body of design and branding work including some amazing packaging for Delights of Sweden and store concept work for H&M.

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Progress Packaging Limited aim to be market leaders in the field of creative packaging. Working best when involved from concept stage as partners, we are able to project manage production to an end result. By offering a professional and innovative service to our clients whilst working to the tightest of deadlines, we aim to be a valued member of your creative team. Progress are simply a company who believe that packaging matters and that successful partnerships lead to outstanding results.”

In so many words, they have got your package covered.

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Two Create is a design consultancy based in East London comprised of Central Saint Martins Product Design graduates Lucy Nunn and Tobie Snowdowne. They focus their energy on design for 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional products. Their work is squeaky cleans and downright gorgeous.

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