Painter Eric Yahnker has posted some new work to his website, maybe not his most cerebral but still at the level of craftsmanship that his audience has come to expect. His work still continues to inspire.

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Edward Kinsella has a kind of accessible but personal style that feels a little like something Edgar Allen Poe might create were he a visual artist.

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Wow, what exactly to say about the sublime work of artist Aron Wiesenfeld other than his skills are off the charts. His work is an open invitation to the viewer to insert their own narrative as to what exactly is happening within his drawings and paintings. His charcoal drawings are absolutely fantastic.

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Australian artist Jonathan Zawada has updated his site with a new series of paintings for an exhibition at the Prism Gallery in Los Angeles. It’s a retro 70’s feeling collection of landscape imagery that was created through an extremely unique process described by Zawada himself below.

“An exhibition of large scale drawings and oil paintings at Prism Gallery, Los Angeles from December 16, 2010 – February 28, 2011. The landscape topographies were derived from graph data (displayed as printed mirrors on accompanying plinths), modeled in 3D and then oil paintings created from those 3D renders. For more information, visit the Prism website.”

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Clark Goolsby attended the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a BFA in Fine Arts in 2002. Since then he has developed an interesting style that employs mixing several mediums to create some striking abstract expressionistic pop art.

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Oli-B is a street artist turned gallery artist who has some interesting and extremely colorful work in his Flickrfolio that seems to work equally well in both settings.

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Rhode Island based painter and illustrator Rich Pellegrino draws inspiration from iconic movie characters that he paints in Gouache capturing a frenetic energy and the personality of the character. Not surprisingly some of his works have already found their way into some private collectors collections (try saying that three times really fast).

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Luigi Loquarto has in his possession a nice portfolio of both paintings and marker drawings that range from abstract, slightly dark, sexy to upbeat and downright playful. I’d love to hang some of these in my soon-to-be-born son’s nursery that I am currently putting together.

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Artist Sylvia Ji is the person behind the paintings of beautiful women sporting Día de los muertos makeup and she has recently updated her website with new work from 2010. You can click to view the work fullscreen which I highly recommend to take in the details of Ji’s beautifully detailed work.

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Eric White’s surrealist paintings reference retro culture in a way that might confuse you for a moment but then sink their teeth in and commence brain melting from there.

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Unfortunately Adam Neate’s website is somewhat difficult to use but Today And Tomorrow along with Trendland have done a fine job documenting and providing large images of his ‘Flock Series’ of 3D paintings created for Elms Lester Painting Rooms. They definitely draw inspiration from Francis Bacon but pull that kinetic emotional expression into the realm of modern pop art.

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Painter Kim Manfredi’s work sometimes blurs the line between abstract expressionism and subject based painting by giving abstract forms a dimensionality that makes them appear almost as if they are physical objects.

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Alex Fischer composes his figures and landscapes by assembling a variety of visual and conceptual sources. Keeping in mind that ideas of the future are inevitably the fastest to change, Fischer maintains that human nature is a fallible and susceptible state.”

Fischer’s collages (if that is how they can actually be described) are strangely surreal and extremely painterly. They are sometimes eerie and kinetic as if they are capturing movement. His work does recall some influence from Francis Bacon but it’s as if Chagall and Bacon shared a nightmare that transformed into a surrealist dream.

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Seth Armstrong is a an extremely talented painter whose work always tells a story. His work actually immediately reminded me a little of the strange paintings that appear in Wes Anderson’s film ‘The Royal Tenenbaums’ and I like that very much.

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Painter Vincent Hui is not stranger to symbolism and metaphor as his work gushes with it in every stroke. He’s an accomplished craftsman with the brush with a genuine eye for composition.

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Yosuke Ueno: “I always start new work without any detailed designs.  My hope is for a piece to compleate itself beyond my imagination.  I sometimes say that artists are parallel to scientists.  Scientists have no way of knowing the result of an experiment beforehand.  The same can be said about creating art.”

Well said.

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Gustavo Peña’s bio is still ‘in progress’ so there isn’t really any information about him to speak of other than is strangely surreal paintings featuring young men running around in Batman maks with Supersoakers. That should be enough to get you interested though.

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Allentown, Pennsylvania based oil painter Angela Fraleigh paints people moving, filtering and breaking through dark and light shattered space. The paintings feel very personal and almost intrusive in a way that as a viewer you feel as though you are peaking in on an awkward moment. The paintings often have long titles that suggest spiritual introspection.

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