There are some new and veerrrrry trippy paintings in the Behance-folio of San Francisco based painter Ted Vasin. His work continues to become more unique as he grows and he remains an artist to watch.

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I have seen and I believe I have posted the design work/illustration work of Eli Horn before but only recently discovered his artistic talent. He has some excellent paintings and illustrations in his portfolio that really exemplify some genuine talent.

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Artist David Platt paints pattern-like compositions primarily in black and white but I was most drawn to the above colorful piece.

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Korean illustrator (now lives in NYC) Tae Querney wrote us to inform us she updated her website and portfolio with new works. She has a soft and whimsical style that maintains it’s human touch even after retouching. We like her work.

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Spanish painter Yago Hortal lives and works in Berlin. Hortal does more with a single stroke than most painters can do with toolbox full of technique. His abstract work employs the use of vivid color and makes no apology for being what it is: a painting. Lovely work.

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Artist and illustrator Colin Johnson’s work has been published and awarded by Print’s Regional Design Annual, The Society of Publication Design, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, American Illustration, and Society of Illustrators Los Angeles from which he received the Gold Award in the Editorial category for the Illustration West 43 contest. Some of his Freelance Illustration clients include: American Airlines, The American Medical Association, Audubon, Better Homes and Gardens, The Chicago Tribune, Converse, Epoch Films, Fast Company, The Harvard Business Review, National Geographic, The New York Times, Newsweek, Raygun, Time Inc., and U.S. News and World Report. He has recently been a part of gallery shows in Los Angeles, Chicago, Denver, Portland, Hamburg (Germany), and Melbourne (Australia).

He has a strange, unusual and somewhat surreal style.

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Victor Rodriguez is a painter who was born in Mexico City but currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He paints some fantabulous paintings that use hyper-realism to a rather awe-inspiring degree. His website is nuts and bolts but that’s no matter considering his inspiring talent. I can only imagine the impact of his work in person.

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The Clayton Brothers have thrown some new and as always colorful and inspiring work up at their blog. I am becoming a very big fan of their work and I think they are really transcending that lowbrow scene into genuinely influential contemporary artists. It will be interesting to see how their exhibition schedule evolves in the coming years and if that notion is reflected in where they are asked to show.

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Artist David Jon Kassan sent this video in earlier in the week and I just finally got to it today. He sat and did a portrait painting session using his fingers and an iPad. The results are pretty astonishing as you can see. It definitely peaks some interest around what you can do with this new age contraption.

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Philosopher/illustrator/artist Eri C. Lu does not have much to say for himself but what he does have is a short scroll of very unusual and beautifully crafted art. He is one to keep an eye on when he starts updating with more work as his style can only continue to evolve and take on new levels of sophistication.

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Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins is a popular painter on the so-called ‘lowbrow’ scene but his amazing paintings are really transcending his audience and becoming something more akin to fine art. He is an amazing draftsman and the detail in his recent work is just stunning. He continues to grow and evolve into a bigger and better talent.

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Hong Kong based designer, artist and illustrator John Woo (no joke apparently) has crafted a brilliant little series of paintings mashing pop culture references to Star Wars and popular fashion labels. Woo has an experimental portfolio showcasing a broad talent making him someone to keep an eye on since there is no telling what he will do next.

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Dutch portrait painter Katinka Lampe uses strong blocks of bold color to create a harmony between subject and composition. Her technique is subtle but offset by the sometimes aggressive stare of her sitters.

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Feral Kid is the art work of João Ruas who was born in São Paulo, Brazil. After a stint in London from 2004 to 2007 he is now home again in São Paulo but has been exhibiting internationally. You can view his feminine form inspired surrealism at both his website and in his Flickr-folio.

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Stanford educated artist Tauba Auerbach has stayed busy updating with more interesting work. She continues to reexamine her mediums producing 2 dimensional trompe l’oeil paintings that although completely flat look as though they are created with raised folds in paper. Personally, I was particularly interested in the visuals she has achieved using acrylic and glass on panel.

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Born in Concrete is the artwork of Vancouver based Derek Stenning. His focus is on astronauts, flight and sci-fi and he puts an enormous amount of work into crafting his highly detailed visions of an alternate reality.

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Sex, art, surrealism, trompe l’oeil, violence and consumerism all slam together in the pop realist meets surrealist paintings of Swiss artist Till Rabus and there are moments of sheer brilliance happening in the mixto-art-soup that looks absolutely delicious. It’s rare that the word fabulous is apropos but alas here we are.

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Artist and illustrator Tae Querney was born in Seoul, Korea but grew up in Seattle and is currently living in New York City. She has an interesting yet still somewhat small body of work one half featuring more contemporary art and the other illustration. I just couldn’t take my eyes off of the painting above, it’s like passing by a train wreck. You can’t look away.

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