Paranoid finally puts the tilt-shift technique to good use or at least a commercial use for this amazing TV spot. Now why didn’t I think of that? Damn.

Annonceur : RFF Agence :W / ATJUST Directeur de la Création: Thomas Stern – Ivan Pierens Directeur Artistique FILM: Ivan Pierens Concepteur-Rédacteur FILM: Thomas stern Réalisateur : Thierry Poiraud Responsable Annonceur : Christophe Piednoël- Thierry Jankowski, Anne Le Garrec Responsable Agence: François Lamotte – Grégoire Weil Production : Paranoid Production 3D : BUF

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Artist: Primary 1
Song: Princess

Director: Radical Friend
Production Co: Paranoid US & Dandy Dwarves
VFX and Post: Paranoid Design Studio

Producer: Josh Lind
DP: Kevin Phillips

Choreography: Nina McNeely
Princess & Choreography: Mecca Andrews
Marching Choreography: Will Lemon

Visual Effects: Andrew Cook
Flame Artist & Color Correction: Seb Caudron
Head of Post Production: Guillaume Raffi
Roto Artists: Derek Hansen & Maggie Balaco

Art Director: Peter Klein
Wardrobe: Diana Contreras & Mindy Le Brock
Hair & Makeup: Erin Nichols & William Lemon III

Record Label: Atlantic Records UK

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