French photographer Stéphane Fugier primary focus is nudes and yet his imagination within that one simple confine pushes boundaries by intertwining his subjects with symbolism and environment.

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This is the official music video for the single ‘What I Like’ by Parisian DJ/Producer Knuckles (now known as Sovnger). The video was shot on the Paris Metropolitain in association with the International Theater School Jacques Lecoq. I believe the video was produced by Paul Bryan.

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French designer/illustrator Xavier Bourdil has updated his portfolio at Trust in Elements with some new digital mashup illustration work featuring some slick tricks resulting in some sweet eye candy.

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“Xavier Encinas is an Art Director and Graphic Designer living and working in Paris, France.
He is the Design Director of Under The Influence (French Fashion Magazine) and The Lab (Canadian Culture Magazine). He is also the founder and editor of Swiss Legacy (Graphic Design blog)”

Xavier recently relaunched his site and made some big updates to his portfolio. There is some top notch design work happening throughout and any designer is guaranteed to find some inspiration happening within.

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There are some strange new goings on in the portfolio of French photographer Julien Palast. He normally captures trendy imagery of cosmetics and products but some strange and interesting more human endeavors have recently been cropping up in his Behance portfolio.

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Emmanuel Malin left a comment on the blog earlier this week under the name ‘Animatic’ disagreeing with me in that he didn’t think the work of Eesley Eggebrecht was as good as I claimed it was. I left a comment stating that if he had done better work himself to back up his comment by posting a link to where people could see his own work. So he did. And I really liked Emmanuel’s work. The site has an old school Flash preload you have to wait for but once it has launched you can click through the thumbnails to see the work. Malin’s work is heavily influenced by Japanese art but he has his own style and he has produced a large body of imagery. He currently lives and works in Paris and is available for freelance commissions.

Thank you Emmanuel.

UPDATE: Alright well I am going to negate everything I said, the comment left earlier was not actually Emmanuel Malin, it was left as an example of work that was more inspirational. So there goes the notion that for once, a hater was backing up his/her comments with examples of their own work that was better than what they were hating one. Regardless, it was still a pleasure to discover Emmanuel’s work and my hat is still off to his talent.

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Hey Ho is a Paris based design studio founded 2007 by Julien Hourcade and Thomas Petitjean. They have some exceptional work for print, editorial and branding in their new yet already mature portfolio. It appears as though someone in their office works sitting at a ping pong table. Maybe that is the secret in their sauce.

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Paris-based photographer, illustrator and artist Elene Usdin is a part of the artistic collective Heartland Villa whose members also include Stefan De Vivies and Lionel Avignon. Her work is symbolic and often times surreal relying on elaborate props and she sometimes includes herself as the subject. Her diverse portfolio includes photography and illustration work for fashion and commercial clients as well as personal artwork.

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It has been a very long time since I have visited the portfolio of designer/illustrator Théo Gennitsakis. His work has grown immensely as he has moved around Europe and he is now the Creative Director for LA SURPRISE Paris. His work has become simpler in it’s execution but much more rich in terms of it’s content. I can’t wait to see what he does in the future.

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Paris-based photographer Marc Da Cunha Lopes has nothing really to say about himself at his website. That really makes no difference however because after a long, strange and fantastic scroll of remarkable conceptual imagery you know everything about him that you need to know.

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Anck is the work of 20-year-old (yeah, I know) Graphic Designer and Junior Art Director Renaud Futterer who currently works for HKI (Hellohikimori) design studio in Paris. As to be expected, it’s a slick website that starts out a little loud but there is some attractive work in the portfolio and considering Futterer’s age, nothing but amazing things will no doubt be pouring out of this young talent in the future. He is a member of the next generation of designer, illustrator, motion designer, 3D animator and web developer in the way that he can do all of the above and do them all very well. Guys like this make my old-ass sweat.

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Gregoire Vieille is a French still photographer living and working in Paris. He has some nice imagery in his portfolio including this recent series for Amusement magazine about vintage consol games with set design by Pierre Hourquet.

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Hellofreaks is a Graphic Design Studio based in Paris, France. They are led by graphic designer/illustrator Jerome Castro. They have a style all their own and some really fun character illustration in their portfolio.

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Monsieur Qui is a French illustrator who loves cats, dogs, working with his hands, listening to big brass bands and pasting posters up in the streets of Pari. I am loving some of his hand drawn illustration work on shoes, guitars, skateboards and munnies.

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Paris based photographer Ruben Brulat is only 21 years old and picked up a camera only 2 years ago. It became his passion almost overnight and he has not put down the camera since he first picked it up. His work is about capturing humanity and he is “fascinated by places where the beauty of human beings has gone”.  I think these ideas are most evident in his series entitled ‘Primates’. The human form is almost lost within the natural landscape but when it is discovered it appears frail and childlike cradled by the serene yet harsh alien landscape. The imagery is extremely contemplative and it would be a thing to behold at a large scale in a gallery setting. Considering his young age, Brulat is someone to watch because he is a remarkable talent who will no doubt continue to grow.

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I was recently asked by Computer Arts to collaborate with NIARK 1 on a project for a recently released issue. I have been crunched for time lately with everything going on and wasn’t able to do it. I knew all about the French illustrator/artist/designer but I guess I didn’t realize until seeing a recent addition to his Behance-folio how talented of a painter he is. It’s a unique thing to be able to generate your imagery fluidly across digital and analog mediums and he is fully capable of doing it in style.

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Lithuanian born artist Monika Bielskyte now resides in Paris where she works primarily in with photography and video based installations that also include text and music.  She has traveled the world over to generate her work and sifting through it is akin to opening a dark box of haunted dreams. Spend some time looking through her projects. Each one unlocks a new and beautiful reward. Every image is considered and as a whole the projects build upon image after image leaving you in the darkest recesses of imagination.

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We have been watching La Blogotheque at work for quite a while now and there are a lot of bands we love who appear on the site, but this is definitely a recent standout. I have listened to the recent Phoenix album so many times now that I feel like I have worn it out. Via Coisa ’74

“It’s a weird game going on between the band and the place where they play. A mesmerizing Eiffel Tower or Trocadero usually steal the show with their size and more or less spectacular tricks, but here’s a band no one would expect to find there, competing with all those crowd-pullers.”

Produced by Chryde for la Blogotheque
Filmed by Vincent Moon
Sounds by François Clos and Guillaume de la Villeon
Edit by Guillaume Guerry
Mix by Francois Clos

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