French designer Jonathan Budenz has some wild and crazy work in his portfolio. I can’t profess to liking all of it but some of it is just nuts (in a good way).

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Nicolas Tavitian is a Paris-based illustrator who uses a variety of media to accomplish his desired images. He has some nice fashion-inspired work in his portfolio.

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Frédéric Tacer is a 24 year old graphic designer ‘freshly graduated’ from the National College of Arts and Design Olivier de Serres in Paris. He is now based in London and already has an impressive portfolio under his ‘fresh’ belt.

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I have seen and posted the beautifully colorful illustration work of Paris-based Véronique Meignaud A.K.A. Marmotte before but there some equally inspiring images being more frequently added to her blog.

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Parisian artist/illustrator/designer Xavier Barrade emailed that he has a new website and work up. All of which is quirky and unusual.

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There is some very unusual and beautiful design/illustration/art direction work in the Behance-folio of Paris-based, Romain Lenancker.

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The Welltime is a design and communication studio founded in 2005 by Vanessa Farnot and Jose Palomero.”

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Véronique Meignaud aka Marmotte has some really unusual and beautiful illustration work and some even more amazing concept art in her portfolio. Her site was recently updated with a really unique series posted at her homepage.

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I had no idea that you could make products look so hot right now until Palast showed me the way.

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Tyrsa is the work of French graphic/web designer Alexis Taieb. There are some interesting projects dotted throughout Taieb’s portfolio.

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Huge and colorful illustration portfolio from Paris-based Niark 1.

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French Graphic Artist Frederic Teschner has some really interesting work in his portfolio. He has been working as a designer for several years and has amassed a very classic body of work.

Upon landing on the homepage be sure to click the right side of the bar at the top of the page to begin navigating your way into his work.

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“Carl is a swedish illustrator that has been awarded with “Kolla” – the Swedish national price of drawing. He has a Masters degree in illustration and graphic design from Konstfack – University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm, and is also present in the archive of The Drawing Center in New York. Carl lives in Paris.”

Just flat out great stuff here.

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“Flesh, blood, excrement, the human skeleton, animal carcasses and DNA as an
information storage system are among quinn’s favorite subjects; but they give rise
to intensely meaningful expressive forms using the eternal perfection of white marble,
pharmaceutical products, wax suffused with blood, and cryogenically frozen flowers.”

You can see Marc Quinn’s work in person at:
Galerie Hopkins-Custot at Fiac
Paris, France
October 23-26, 2008

Fascinating sculptures.

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There is a lot of candy in the portfolio of Paris-based graphic designer Julien Rivoire who labors under the name questionable name Bastard Graphics. It gets a little saccharin at times but there are some notable images wedged in between. Case in point are the images above. Graphic design can be a lot of fun when it doesn’t take itself too seriously and there are some good times lurking at Bastard Graphics. I am always a sucker for bright glowing candy colors on black. That’s probably pretty obvious looking at my own site.

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Peter And Wendy is a graphic design studio based in Paris. They enjoy a close relationship with their clients and approach each project with a unique process. They produce a variety of media in print, publishing, exhibition and event identity and corporate identity.

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Beesub is the experimental graphic design work of Stéphane Faure. The Paris based designer has generated creative for numerous clients. The work on the site is really interesting but you are lucky to get to it without first having a seizure while trying to actually look at it within the site itself. All the flashing overlayed typography is enough to drive you a little insane but there is some good work there if you are patient enough to give it a chance.

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There is an interesting style conveyed by Paris-based Art Director/Illustrator Emmanuel Polanco. He has worked for several French clients and apparently really likes playing video games. He works by both hand and mouse combining the results of each. He has been working since 2001 and is currently looking for freelance commissions. You can keep up to date with his artistic endeavors at his blog, where there are enough images that you don’t even need to speak French to appreciate it.

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