Behind the considered lens of photographer Eric Ogden even the most vacant of celebrities manage to look introspective and even a little bit interesting.

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Photographer Irina Werning mined a little piece of popular art culture gold when she surmised the simple and seemingly obvious idea for her photo-series titled ‘Back to the Future’. The ‘seemingly obvious’ idea (that you wish was yours) is that by using an old photograph of her subject as a marker to help her restage the exact same environment and expression of the subject allows for a humorous and sometimes inquisitive examination of what really happens as we mature into adulthood.

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Soft, subtle and introspective photographs fill the portfolio of Finnish photographer Helen Korpak. Images that will illicit a brief pause.

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Photographer Miru Kim wanders across cities and apocalyptic demolition sites in a voyage of naked self discovery in a highly introspective and spiritual photographic study.

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Berlin based photographer Robert G Bartholot has a vivid unique style that is attracting big names in the Fashion industry.

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Psychedelic and slightly erotic photographer Neil Krug has updated with more tasty throwback images of sexy people doing strange things all wrapped up in a clean and simple website.

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Every once in a while I come back to Jill Greeberg’s work and am always pretty blown away by her mastery of digital light in a post film world. Her series “Glass Ceiling”, uses an underwater stage to capture a brood of water treading women in high heels.

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Design, photography and idea studio Akatre have updated their site with several new, strange and potentially brilliant projects.

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“There is a myth, some say a science, suggesting people who have more symmetrical faces are considered more “attractive…”

Photographer Julian Wolkenstein has assembled a fascinating study to challenge or perhaps even reinforce that myth (so far it looks more like a challenge). The project utilizes self-shot iPhone pics as well as images snapped by Wolkenstein himself to take a broad look at what exactly everyone looks like when they are perfectly symmetrical.

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Dave Imms takes pictures of people, places and things. The images are raw, gritty, uncompromising and honest. The subjects are captured in their most genuine of settings and laid bare for the viewer.

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Kim Høltermand sent in a new set of images titled ‘Deserted City.’ As always it’s a hauntingly beautiful series of images that are about a careful balance between positive and negative space. We are gushing fans of Høltermand’s beautiful work.

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Words are scarce when it comes to digging up information about photographer Platonov Pavel but what does exist are some fabulous (and I use that word oh-so-sparingly) images in his Flickrfolio. I can’t be sure how he is creating all of said images but one thing is for sure, they are fabulous indeed.

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Gloria is a photographer and it seems she might be a young photographer but I can’t quite tell. She emailed no details about herself and there isn’t much of anything about her in her Flickrfolio but she does take some absolutely lovely photos.

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London based photographer Felicia Honkasalo offer us a strange sideglance of the quiet moments in between that happen in Northern Europe. It’s an atmosphere that is noticed only by a contemplative resident but would go unnoticed by the passing tourist.

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Travis Stearns has carved a special place out of my artistic center that sits somewhere between Hunter S. Thompson, Dave Carsen and Art Chantry. It’s a bit Gonzo but absorbing and after you’ve been absorbed you start to become engaged. You have to keep up on him because he is a shape shifter constantly putting himself on a limb whether it be in type, illustration, graphic design or photograph.

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Ian Velichko is a Kiev based Fashion photographer with some beautifully composited images in his Flickrfolio. There is a searing psycho-sexual kind of thing happening in some of his images that screams trendy but likeable pop. In short, some of his photos are a helluva lot of fun to look at. Who can resist abs and magenta?

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Californian photographer Kim Winderman sent in a link to her portfolio featuring some beautifully shot and composed textural images of different locales around California. There is a kind of ethereal status granted to nature in the images that perpetuates a state of trance-like contemplation. The people in some of Winderman’s photos are used more as emotive texturing to further dramatize the natural surroundings. The work is not dark but more rather dreamlike. Winderman is a talented artist and one to keep watch over.

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Spitalfields Life is a blog about the days and discoveries of life in East London. The ‘gentle author’ recently posted a series of old photographs depicting life in London during the 1800s. The collection of pictures came from the ‘Society for Photographing the Relics of Old London’ and are currently held in the archive at the Bishopsgate Institute. It’s a fascinating glimpse of a unique era in the city’s history and will have you wishing you could be fitted for a proper pair of trousers, a waste coat and a crisp black tophat.

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