Rob Shields emailed to let us know he has updated with some slick new imagery in his glossy, colorful and glowing body of composited digital illustrations.

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Soemone is the work of freelance digital illustrator Pierre Doucin. His site presents a striking array of compelling imagery and his work is all very ‘digital’ in it’s presentation which tends to either strike a wholly favorable or totally disfavorable cord in discerning hearts. He is definitely and ‘image maker’ and personally I found some inspiring images in his collection.

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Portuguese digital designer and illustrator João Oliveira got in touch to let us know that he has just updated with a new site and a load of new electrified imagery.

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Philadelphia based digital illustrator Rob Shields has recently updated with several new images. He has been busy lately with projects in fashion, music, lifestyle and sports.

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IAMMAGO has been updated with a slick and highly stylize new interface that boldly presents the work in the biggest way possible. Magomed is Russia, Grozny (Chechnya) and established himself within the last 2 years as a hot digital illustration talent with a flair for gooey vector imagery. He has been working for some big names in the industry lately and ironically our paths have crossed on some client projects a few times without him or I even realizing it. I am a fan of his work and have been for some time.

He is presently searching for a 2011 internship in Germany but I think he should be aiming a little higher for something like say an Art Director position at least. You can do it Magomed, you have plenty of talent.

Thanks for the comment tip about his new website from our reader ‘Peter’.

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I stumbled across the Flickrfolio of designer, illustrator and motionographer Gabriel Pulecio this morning and felt as though there was a better array of work there than what I had previously seen at his website. He is not afraid of bright color and likes to experiment and there are some great moments happening in his body of experimental work at his Flickrstream.

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Digital illustrator and Photoshop wizard Neil Duerden continues to stay busy working for numerous clients. He has recently added around 70 new illustrations to his portfolio which continues to grow exponentially.

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Portuguese (sorry I thought he was Brazilian but João corrected me) graphic designer João Oliveira sent an email today letting us know he has updated his portfolio with some new work. Some people don’t dig the more densely layered and colorful digital work, but I think he is one of the best at what he does and I have always been a big fan of his work.

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Illustrator Kervin Brisseaux has been busy updating with some really kinetic and colorful imagery. Call it electro-dimensional if you will.

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German-based illustrator and KDU member Magomed Dovjenko has updated his website with his typically wild and colorful mind-bending vector-to-Photoshop mashup imagery.

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It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but Allan Glen has some nice digital illustration work in his Flickr-folio at Shufflepath.

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CAPTION: It’s raining hotness.

Aussie visual madman, Justin M Maller has updated with yet even more color punches to the face and continues to do strange Photoshop things to images of sexy women.

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Kervin Brisseau has updated with some new and visually stunning work.

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Chuck has updated NoPattern with his signature brightly glowing colorful work.

The t-shirt above kicks ass. I wonder how well the color reproduced on it.

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A few small but, as always, mind-boggling updates from Justin Maller.

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Yes, motion boards are art as you can plainly see in the portfolio of Jason Salo.

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Really beautiful work across the board for motion from Theo Daley. Spectacular and beautiful imagery fill his portfolio with attention paid to the tiniest of details.

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GoMediaZine has posted a really informative tutorial on how to create the above image. I was really impressed with the breadth of information. Whether you want to create the above image or not, there is plenty to be gained from the tutorial.

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